Kung Fu Hustle 2 in the works CONFIRMED by James Gunn on Twitter

We are here to confirm the big news which has been passed forward as Kung Fu Hustle 2 has been in the making and James Gunn is the personality who is bringing upon the project.

Kung Fu Hustle stood out to one of the most entertaining and irreverent Chinese film that came out. The movie hit the screens almost 18 years ago at the time and mentioned the part that it was able to stand out as a blockbuster and turned out very big on the screens.

The movie was able to make a big mark in the industry and Stephen Chow did not take a stop after that project he moved ahead to work on another project and brought another big title named Shaolin Soccer which once again moved ahead to make a big impact.


Kung Fu Hustle’s new installment is opted by James Gunn

Kung Fu Hustle on the other hand was considered one of the best wuxias of the modern times and thus set over on a different tone even though it has a touch of comedy scenes in it. The film portrays an interesting story and revolves around a particular hero whose journey has been up and down and he goes on to find himself in trouble with the most dangerous gang in the town whereas more challenges are also portrayed along.

Mentioning the part that the movie has portrayed an amazing choreography martial arts and with another fascinating details which were covered in the title too. After a long term of years, it has been finally confirmed that the sequel of the working has been in the works and though the development is currently taking place and the personality who signed up for the project is James Gunn and though a big storyline would be put ahead now that the big director is putting in the work and efforts to it.

James Gunn has currently been busy with The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and now that it’s all done, the focus would be put more on the next installment of Kung Fu Hustle. There has not been any much story information or spoilers regarding the upcoming title whereas there have been other reports at the time stating that some of the major changes would be made in the movie regarding the storyline and more about the cast.

The audience on the other hand is getting excited to cover what more will the new title lead with as the new project is currently holding a lot of talks at the period time. More information on the movie would be given by the authorities in time regarding the release date and more whereas to mention it is yet to see who will lead the main cast of the movie as the big hype is being made currently on the next installment of the movie and especially now that James Gunn has signed up for it.

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