Kissing Booth 4: Joey King Says the Sequel is Happening in 2022

The Kissing Booth is a teen romantic American franchise that revolves around a young lively teenager Rochelle Evans or Elle and how she risks her childhood friendship with Lee Flynn after falling for Lee’s elder brother Noah Flynn. The story is a complete high school romance drama that is filled with the essence of young teenage love and how Elle deals with the dilemma of choosing her best friend or her boyfriend. The Kissing Booth is a series of three movies based on Beth Reekles‘ novel of the same name. Vince Marcello has given the direction of the movie.

The cast of the movie includes Rochelle Elle Evans played by Joey King, the protagonist of the story, Lee Flynn played by Joel Courtney, childhood best friend of Elle, Noah Flynn played by Jacob Elordi, Lee’s brother, and Elle’s Love interest, Rachel played by Meganne Young, Lee’s girlfriend and many more. The first part of the movie was released on Netflix on 18 May 2018. the movie gathered a huge fan base and renewed for the second and third parts. The movie became the third most-watched film on Netflix by the time the second part of the movie was aired.

What Was The Latest Part All About?

Kissing Booth 3 deals with Elle’s dilemma of choosing between Harvard and Berkeley. It also shows how she unwillingly agrees to join Harvard just to be with her boyfriend Noah but Noah later ends up breaking with her so that she continues her further studies in her dream college in Berkeley with Lee. The movie also takes a 6-year leap and shows how Lee and Elle are still friends and even reunite with Noah and promise to say in touch.

Will There Be A Part Four?

The movie does not end with any kind of cliffhanger and shows how Elle and Noah reunite after a leap of 6 years. Even though the fans think that there are certain loose ends to the last part released this year and Elle’s journey is yet to be covered, another part of the franchise might not be expected at all. The story even does not show how her life continues after the big reunion but we all know that the movie f9llows the grounds of Reklees novels and the author’s franchise of THE KISSING BOOTH is limited to these three parts only. So there is a huge possibility that the franchise even after being such a massive hit might not return for another part this time thus clearing off all the rumors and theories set up on the same.

Joey King Hints At The Fourth Part Of The Movie

While we do not expect another part of the franchise anytime soon, joey who plays Elle in the movie hints at the fourth part by saying in an interview that she is never tired of playing Elle in the movie and will be happy to star in another part of the same if the makers plan to do so. Jacob who played Noah in an interview with vanity fair also stated that this is really the last kiss hinting at the fact that this might be the last part and a fourth part of the same will be a little hard.


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