Kim Kardashian thinks it was STRANGE of Kanye West to WANT HER BACK while in a LIVE-IN relationship already

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West married in 2014 and they share four kids together. Kim Kardashian is currently dating Pete Davidson. While Kim Kardashian and Kanye were separated because Kanye West heard out on Kim Kardashian that she was cheating on him and she is going out of the house and dating someone else. The couple decided to get divorced in the year 2020 but before that, it was reported that they have been already not living together for months now.

Kanye West has made many announcements that he wants Kim Kardashian back with him and how he is Sorry for doubting her. In his pursuit of wanting Kim Kardashian back, he has been continuously making public announcements that he wants his wife back. Here is one such attempt.

He has been going on to know about this and decided that he wants her wife to think this through and not to file for the divorce. While Kim Kardashian thinks that it is awkward and it is not cool of him that he making public announcements that he wants her back while he’s dating 22 years old model Vinetria.

While Kardashian and Kanye West are not living together, but they are seeing different people right now. Kim Kardashian is seeing Pete Davidson and Kanye West is seeing Vinetria. While Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are enjoying their time together. Kanye West has been seen hanging out with model Vinetria. Asda was supported in the last game of the NBA. There were rumors that they were sleeping together and from that, it is a rumor that you are currently dating each other and still have not made their relationship public.

Kanye is making continuous attempts in public to win Kim Kardashian back and not get separated from her. While it is awkward and Kim Kardashian believes that it is not okay for him to make such kind of announcements to win her back while he is currently dating somebody else. Kanye West is going through lots of things in his mind and he just needs something to distract him from all this tension. And while trying to save his marriage he just needs to be alone and think it is wise and just needs somebody’s company.

Welcome has already described that the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian marriage is beyond favorable until they both decide to sit together and see some. A relationship advisor is something that could help them save their marriage and help them discuss with each other the issues of their relationship.

But they have entered a stage where they are seeing different people, so it seems like hardly they will be ever back together and their divorces. Soon will be confirmed. Kim Kardashian has already been fired to be separated from Kanye West legally. It will also be decided who will get the custody of their four kids and how they will make time for them.


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