Kim Kardashian COMPARES Kanye West with Pete Davidson Claiming he was “BAD IN BED!!!”

Kanye West is accused of being “Bad in bed”

As it is evident from the latest events, Kim Kardashian is regaining her mojo. Kardashian is back on the dating scene after filing for divorce from Kanye West in February. She made news once again after hosting SNL for the first time in October, this time for getting intimate with comedian Pete Davidson. “It’s only now dawning on Kim — as she’s having these fantastic hookups with Pete — how terrible Kanye was in that department,” a source tells the tabloid. On the one hand, she’s overjoyed that this guy is rocking her world and treating her like royalty. She’s also enraged with herself for squandering so many years of her life with a complete flop.

Kim claims she’s awakened from her trance and is physically sick at the thought of Kanye and his flabby body!” In fact, according to the insider, Kardashian, and West went two years without having any sexual activity. The tipster explains, “Kim’s self-esteem was rock bottom towards the conclusion of things with Kanye because he disregarded her for years.”Kardashian and West were reportedly suffering from a general lack of intimacy near the end of their marriage. “For a long time, there was no intimacy between them. She’s yearning for attention and affection, as they even slept in different bedrooms. That’s why Pete has been so wonderful. Pete is wonderful for her because she’s all about having fun and enjoying herself with no expectations,” the source continues.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship

While we’re sure Kim Kardashian enjoys her time with Pete Davidson, we doubt these intrusive details regarding Kardashian’s sex life are genuine. If this supposed “insider” is actually close enough to Kardashian to know such intimate things about her, they must be someone who can be trusted. We highly doubt that this person would then go to the tabloids and talk about Kardashian, especially about such a personal matter. In terms of Kardashian and Davidson’s romance, it appears like they are taking things slowly and simply enjoying each other’s company. “She’s genuinely happy and in a terrific place again, and it took a long time to get there,” a source recently told People. She wants to go out and have fun, and she feels light and free for the first time.”

She just filed for legal single status and has stated that she intends to complete her divorce from Kanye West. Given her assertion that she’s doing this for her family, the spectacular facts about her sex life published in this tabloid are simply disrespectful to her and everyone involved.

Kim Kardashian is the subject of a tabloid.

West allegedly had hidden tapes of Kardashian that he planned to disclose if she ever filed for divorce, according to the tabloid in 2020. The site then claimed Kardashian was “fed up” with West and “desperate” to divorce him. Most recently, the magazine reported that Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, persuaded her to call off the divorce because she didn’t want to lose West’s money.


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