Katie Holmes is USING Suri Cruise to GET BACK at Tom Cruise for DUMPING HER

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise dated for a while in the 2000s and were one of the star couples known as TomKat and then eventually they decided to get divorced in 2012 because of Tom cruise and ever they have been separated. Back in 2005, Tom cruise all over the Tv and was declaring how much he love Katie Holmes but despite his love being that his marriage had up and downs, and eventually, they got separated from each other.

Katie Holmes and Tom cruise have a daughter together her name is Suri Cruise and fact Tom cruise doesn’t accept her as his daughter because of his religious beliefs. According to Insider sources about this and to give you a summary about this is that the last time Tom Contact Suri Cruise was a few years back and from that Tom Cruise hasn’t contacted  Suri Cruise for a long time.

Suri Cruise was living with her father Tom Cruise for some time and after that time she decided that she wants to go and live with her mother instead that is Katie holmes. Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes were last spotted together in New York where they were seen some spanking time walking the streets of New York.

Katie Holmes in an interview declared how her daughter despite being so young can handle things that most struggle with and has become an important part of her where they both even live under the same roof and are best friends. She claimed how sometimes when she feels low and Suri is there for her every time.

Katie Holmes is still not over Tom cruise and there has been an article on the web already that supports this argument that even they were in deep love and their marriage lasted 6 years Katie holmes is still not over the cruise. Some believe that Katie Holmes is targeting Tom Cruise for leaving her and dumping her and the fact he doesn’t accept his flesh and blood as their daughter.

While some Fans also have made an argument about this and called it a false claim because Katie Holmes is Happy and busy in her own life and she actually doesn’t have any sentiments towards Tom cruise and genuinely loves her daughter. Katie Holmes from time to time shares some cute videos and posts of her daughter on Instagram.


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While Tom Cruise is currently single and also rumored to dating someone. some believe Tom Cruise is still in contact with them and from time to time contacts if not by a person then by calling. But anything cannot be said for sure. While Katie Holmes might be not over cruise but the evidence on the internet and sources says she had never expressed any concerns when she divorced Tom cruise she knew what she was doing. As Tom Cruise is a megastar so it is mostly because of work he hasn’t been in any stable relationship and always seem to jump from one woman to another and dump those who don’t any longer find any interest in.


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