Katie Holmes has POISONED Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise’s Relationship, Here’s What We Know

We are here to talk about the latest celebrity controversy which is taking place as the relationship of Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri Cruise has turned out to be even more difficult for him than before.

The relationship of Tom Cruise with Suri Cruise has turned out to be even more difficult and though there are a number of differences that Tom Cruise has been going through at the time while the sources have also been reporting at the time that the reason for this situation is Katie Holmes while there has not been any news from any of the personality.

The last time when Tom Cruise was seen along with his daughter Suri was back in 2013 and there were other rumors at the time too that they were forcibly out to make a public appearance at the time whereas to mention the part that Suri is now 14 years old and she has not seen her father since 2013 according to the reports and other news from the sources.

Will Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise meet again and sort the differences out

Moreover to mention the part that Cruise has not been able to meet his daughter due to the part that he is forbidden to meet her because she does not belong to the Church of Scientology. The sources also mentioned over the time that this situation took place a long time ago and Tom Cruise was just meeting his daughter so that everyone could know that there is nothing wrong in their relationship and they are still connected over time.

Also to mention the part that Cruise is serious about his relationship with Suri and though he also went on to sue the media giant once as they reported that the famous personality has abandoned his child afterall which basically shows that the personality is not taking any jokes over the time.

There have also been other questions made over the time to Cruise regarding his relationship with his daughter and the personality has frequently taken the kind of questions offensive over the period of time. The fans on the other hand have also been debating on this matter for a long time and the situation has often taken sides at the time.


The fans have also supported Cruise throughout the situation and while they have blamed Katie Holmes for the cause of this situation and a number of people have agreed on this part and so it might also move ahead to capture the attention of many other celebrities.

The situation raises other questions at the time to whether Katie Holmes is really the reason for the situation which is taking place and also the reason that Tom Cruise is distant from his daughter Suri and it is yet to see what will happen in time and how Tom Cruise might move forward to sort the situation out.

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