Kanye West Accusing Kim Kardashian of not letting him see his kids – Rumor Explained

We are here to share the big controversial news which is running around as Kanye West has been accusing Kim Kardashian of not letting him spend any time with his children.

The drama of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is not coming to an end anytime soon whereas the former couple split last year and a lot of dramatic situations have taken place since then. Mentioning the fact that Kim filed for divorce back in February of 2021 but Kanye West refused to sign the divorce paper and to mention the part that he has been believing ever since that their marriage could be fixed afterall and there are a number of changes to it.

The famous rapper on the other hand has been trying hard to win back her ex-wife but the Kim is all done with Kanye at the time as she is looking forward to the new chapter of her life. Also to mention the part that Kanye West has also been trying to win her ex-wife back publically where he has referred Kim in his songs from the latest album named Donda 2.

Kanye West

Kanye West is still hoping to fix things with Kim

Kanye on the other hand also admitted over the part that he has done some mistakes over the time and thought he was wrong at some times while he also stated that it would be great if Kim could just forgive him and come along by giving him a chance as it would not only be good for them but shall influence couples around the world who has been going through a tough period of time in their lives.

Moreover to mention that the rumors of romance started spreading around Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson where things got up to be serious at the time and it is safe to say by this that Kim did not want to look back on the situation. The sources have also mentioned over the time that Pete is delighted as the couple would be looking forward to spending their future and though Pete might move forward to propose Kim too.

Kanye West


This is another thing that Kanye is not able to digest and this is basically because he has not moved on from the past this is another thing that has been bothering him whereas mention that the big rumors are currently surfacing mentioning that Kanye has been accusing Kim Kardashian of not letting him near their children and if this news turns out to be true, then Kanye might probably go ahead to revolt against this.

The fans are also standing along in support of the personality as they believe that what he is going through is wrong and many believe that the matter will then move ahead on to the hands of the legal court as they were co-parenting their children along at the time.

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