Kakegurui Season 3 Release Date On Netflix – Latest News And Updates

Kakegurui” is a famous anime series that revolves around the fortunes of students at Hyakkou Private Academy, an institution that ranks its students based on their gambling skills. The worst players in gambling go through really bad humiliations in the institution. But everything soon changes when Yumeko Jabami joins the institution as a transfer student. The last season of this series was released back in 2019, but what about Kakegurui Season 3? Well, stay tuned to know it all, just here!

When will Kakegurui Season 3 release?

The first season of Kakegurui was aired back in the year 2017. While the show emerged on Netflix the following year,2018. Consecutively the second season was also released in the year 2019. There are in total going to be twelve seasons for the show, out of which two have been already aired. Now comes the talk of the third season. Still, there is no official announcement about the third season. Neither the main anime studio Mappa nor the online platform of Netflix has mentioned anything about the renewal of the next season. There is yet no way around which tells us anything about “Kakeguri” Season 3.

Renewals rely on show popularity among the audience. Well, one thing is for sure there is still plenty of content left to be covered from the manga book “Kakegurui”. The book is penned down by Homura Kawamoto, while Tooru Naomura, has explained it. In total there are 14 volumes, consisting of 82 chapters. If we take a count then, you will see, there is a total of 56 episodes. Well, for now, the third season has still some chances left and thus does have a place to get released next year, 2022.

What Can Be The Plot of Kakegurui Season 3?

The first season’s ending was pretty clear for the audience. While the ending of the second season wasn’t that clear for the watchers. People could not really guess what actually happened in the last episode of season two. So in order to clear out the confusion, there needs to be a third season in the run.

If there is a third season, then all the unanswered questions of season two will definitely get answered. Fans liked the first season of the show a lot. While the second season was clearly confusing to many. Season two of the series had many loopholes left. One important thing which comes into account is that the previous season wasn’t really all the adaptation of the story from the manga. Thus it clearly gives so many more questions to the audience.

Season two of “Kakegurui” definitely showed us a greenlit towards another season. But nothing is sure yet, since no news has come. But we do expect another season of the series. Thus more drama and action are there for the audience. With more elections in the institution and sister drama of Momobari and Mary, everything is expected to get more on the interesting edge. If you still haven’t watched the past two seasons, then you should definitely watch them on Netflix.

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