Justin Tubb Cause of Death: A Tragic Loss


Justin Tubb was an American country music singer and songwriter, born on August 20, 1935, in San Antonio, Texas . He was the oldest son of country singer Ernest Tubb, known for popular songs like Walking the Floor Over You. Justin Tubb made his debut on the country chart with two duets with Goldie Hill – Looking Back to See and Sure Fire Kisses. He was also a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

 Who Was Justin Tubb?

Justin Tubb graduated from high school and went on to become a successful singer-songwriter. He had several recordings that enjoyed success, including I Gotta Go Get My Baby and Take a Letter Miss Gray. However, he was more successful as a songwriter. He penned many hit songs for other performers, including Keeping Up with the Joneses, Love Is No Excuse, and Lonesome 7-7203,a hit for Hawkshaw Hawkins . Ultimately, six of his songs won awards .

 How Did Justin Tubb Die?

Justin Tubb passed away on January 24, 1998, in Nashville, Tennessee, due to a stomach aneurysm. He was only 62 years old at the time of his death . His death came as a shock to his family and friends.


The death of Justin Tubb is a tragic loss for his family, friends, and fans. He was a talented singer-songwriter who contributed significantly to several projects. His work in the music industry will always be remembered as his last contribution to the world.

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