Johnny Depp is SUICIDAL after Amber Heard’s FALSE DOMESTIC ABUSE Allegations

After countless times of appearing in the court and giving every possible evidence, Johnny Depp has been pushed into the corner. Even though the court admitted that the evidence that his wife has submitted regarding the domestic abuse is manipulated. The pictures of the wife submitted telling to go dead. These are the physical abuse signs that are present on our bodies during the times he was in a relationship with Johnny Depp.

Now even after winning a battle against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp was looking on the brighter side that he will be getting the respect that he has lost because of Amber Heard’s false allegations. After presenting numerous witnesses and numerous evidence is the court has still not decided on who will be the winner of this battle. After being dropped from two new big French movies, Johnny Depp is looking on the side because he has lost some important role in his life.


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The fans of Johnny Depp had made several petitions on that the actor should be cast back in the movies that he has been fired from? The big movies that Johnny Depp has missed due to his gone going battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard are Fantastic Beasts 3 and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Due to his ongoing battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard the Hollywood seems to be different. Was Johnny Depp and he is currently not being offered some good roles in the movies as he is also being offered the rules that are not so important.

While it is just a rumor, but some reports suggest that Johnny Depp could be suicidal and due to the fact he’s not getting any, his reputation back and his images also destroyed in the public and his acting career seems to be over because of this he might be suicidal. As of now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation on this news.

Some fans have even shown support for him. We hope that Johnny Depp comes back his repetition and also can be seen in the movies but, as earlier articles reported that he might be there in the movie, it is just a matter of time. But since the trailer of the movie has been already declared and the cast has been rescheduled and the actors have been appointed for his role that will be replacing him or can be seen in the movie already.

The Wallet reported that Amber Heard is shooting for Aquaman 2 while Johnny Depp is not getting any roles back. This has saddened him to the core of his heart that he might be thinking of giving up on his career. While his fans have demanded justice for Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp has not himself declared any kind of frustration over this. His friends demanded that Amber Heard should be also fired from the movies that she is acting on or being cast on.


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