Johnny Depp CRYING IN COURT after Lawyer Plays ABUSIVE Audio Recording by Amber Heard

We are here to share the big-running controversy which is being talked about everywhere as the legal battle of court between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is getting even more intense by the time.

The relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard came across a number of hurdles and though they finally called it quits after a period of time but mentioned the part that their end of the relationship basically marked the beginning of their drama which kept going through the period of time.

Amber Heard went ahead to put allegations on Johnny Depp of physical abuse and of assaulting her which the personality was heavily shocked of. Also to mention that the case was then moved forward in the legal battle court and the investigation kept taking place at the time from both sides.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court battle may come to a decision soon

The big thing which came out as a shock to everyone was that Johnny Depp was turned down from a number of major projects that he was set to appear in that including his famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and also from Fantastic Beasts 3 whereas to mention that Amber Heard retained her role as Mera in Aquaman 2 at the time and was not removed from any other company.

The audience came forward to talk about it and not only the fans but a number of famous personalities also took the stand and supported Johnny Depp in this tough period of time. The big thing was then stated by the court that Amber Heard could actually be defaming her husband for the false accusations and nothing could turn out to be true.

Amber Heard, on the other hand, was criticized for this part, and Johnny Depp also filed a lawsuit for $50 million for defaming him while the battle in court is still proceeding ahead at this time. The other big news which came forward recently is that there was a recording which was played in the court by the lawyer of Johnny Depp which basically portrayed how Amber Heard was abusing him and thus everyone found the call very distressing at the time.

There is also big news stating that Johnny Depp got emotional at the time after listening to the audio and even his friend while the trial was taking place recently. Moreover to mention that it’s a number of things that the personality had to face in time with false accusations which were put on him while the court is still investigating thoroughly before giving any fixed decision in anyone’s favor.

Amber Heard could also face some serious jail time if the accusations turn out to be false and this would be basically because the personality has misled the court on the matters while it is yet to see what will happen in times to come.

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