John Roland Cause of Death: How the Legendary News Anchor Passed Away at 81

John Roland, one of the most influential and respected news anchors in American history, died on May 7, 2023, at the age of 81. He was best known for his long tenure with FOX 5 WNYW in New York City, where he delivered the news with professionalism and impartiality for almost four decades. But how did John Roland die? What was his cause of death? Here are some facts and details about his life and legacy.

A Stroke Complication Took His Life

According to FOX 5 WNYW, John Roland’s cause of death was due to stroke complications. He had suffered a stroke in 2004, shortly before his retirement from the station. He had been living in Aventura, Florida, where he passed away peacefully. His death was announced by his former co-anchor Rosanna Scotto on the Sunday night news. She paid tribute to him as a mentor and a friend who taught her about fairness and respect in journalism.

He Covered Some of the Most Historic Events in History

John Roland was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 1941. He graduated from California State University at Long Beach in 1964 and began his broadcasting career in the 1960s. He worked for NBC News in Los Angeles and covered high-profile events such as the Robert F. Kennedy assassination and the Charles Manson trial. He joined WNEW-TV (now WNYW) in New York City in 1969 and remained there for the rest of his career. He served as a political reporter, weekend anchor, and main anchor for various newscasts. He covered everything from 1970s NYC crime to 9/11 in 2001. He was known for his cool and collected demeanor as well as his ability to stay impartial while delivering the news.

He Was Involved in Some Controversies and Scandals

John Roland’s career was not without controversy and scandal. In 1983, he disarmed and shot a robber during a late-night restaurant robbery, sustaining a head injury that required stitches. He was hailed as a hero by some and criticized by others for his actions. In 1988, he was suspended by WNYW-TV for an on-air argument with Joyce Brown, a mentally-ill homeless woman whom the Koch Administration sought to have confined to a mental hospital for treatment. He later apologized, and the station broadcast his apology. In the late 1980s, he also opened a restaurant in New York named Marcello, with two partners, one of whom left the venture before the restaurant opened.

He Left Behind a Legacy of Excellence and Integrity

John Roland retired from WNYW-TV in 2004 after a long and distinguished career. He was honored by the station with a special tribute that highlighted his achievements and contributions to journalism. He was also recognized by various organizations and institutions for his excellence and integrity. He received several Emmy Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award, a Peabody Award, and an honorary doctorate from St. John’s University. He was also inducted into the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in 2006.

John Roland was one of the most iconic and influential news anchors of all time. His cause of death was due to stroke complications, but his legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers who trusted him to deliver the news with honesty and accuracy. He will be remembered as a legend who shaped the history of television journalism.

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