John Krasinski Replaced Henry Cavill as the new Superman in The Rock’s DC movie

What has always separated the DC Extended Universe from the MCU is the former tendency to recast some of its most iconic characters. In modern DCEU alone, there are four versions of the Joker, several Batmans (more if you include Batwoman), and three incarnations of the Flash. Fans of Henry Cavill were devastated when they learned that the British actor might not come back to play Man of Steel in another film. And the search for the new Superman in DCEU has begun.

We still don’t know who will play Clark Kent in the live-action movie, but we know who will play Clark Kent in DC’s next animated team movie, the DC League of Super-Pets. John Krasinski, the American star of The Office and director of the A Quiet Place franchise, was revealed as Superman’s new voice-and he’s associated with this crazy DC movie – Not the only big name. As the name suggests, SuperPets follows a team of loyal fellow DC heroes, Robin is not in talks this time. The film follows the adventures of Krypto the Superdog, Ace the Bathound, and Streaky the Supercat. These brave dogs and cats have previously appeared on the DC Comics page, especially during the Silver Age.

Now you can see the DCEU like never before. This is because the theatrical release has finally been realized not only from animated DC movies but also from Computer animated movies. This could signal a new era of superhero movies, but first let’s talk about the facts we know about movies: star-studded casts.

The movie called the “DC League of Superpets” can raise the eyebrows of more than a few people until they hear about the epic cast in the movie. The is none other than Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Superdog. Kevin Hart as Ace the Bat-hound. It’s not yet known who will speak out against the Streaky Supercat, but Krypto will recruit other super-powerful animals to help save the Justice League from Lex Luthor’s hands. The rest of the film’s striking cast includes Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, and of course Keanu Reeves.

As mentioned earlier, John Krasinski will join the cast as a Superman. This is a decision already theorized by fans that the actor will play that role in future live-action films. For Krasinski, who has always wanted to appear in the Buddy Cop movie with The Rock, and on the other side for Dwayne Johnson, it’s a dream come true. While the former WWE superstar will appear in DC’s upcoming animated movie, Krasinski’s characters will undoubtedly be the cornerstone of the movie’s plot.

There is a big gap in the middle of the DCEU Justice League as Henry Cavill may not have returned to the role of Superman. Given the rapid expansion of the cinematic universe in the future, given the upcoming Shazam 2 and Black Adam, Krasinski could prove to be more than a suitable alternative to Cavill. But DC and Warner Bros. say nothing about the future of live-action Superman. What we know so far is that Krasinski has proven to be a good actor and director. Therefore, his participation in the DCEU is great news for Man of Steel fans.


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