Jim Durkin Cause of Death: How the Dark Angel Guitarist Passed Away at 58

Jim Durkin, the founding member, guitarist, and songwriter of the thrash metal band Dark Angel, died on Wednesday, March 10, 2023, at the age of 58. His wife, Annie, confirmed his passing in a Facebook post, saying that he was not alone and that he will be truly missed. Durkin’s death shocked and saddened his fans and colleagues, who paid tribute to him on social media. But what was Jim Durkin’s cause of death? How did the legendary musician pass away so suddenly?

Unknown Causes

According to Music Times, Annie did not reveal her husband’s cause of death in her statement. She only said that he died on Wednesday morning and that she was with him along with a few close friends until the end. She also asked for privacy and respect for the family while they mourn the loss of their beloved one.

Dark Angel also did not disclose any details about Durkin’s death in their Facebook post. They said they were deeply saddened and crushed by the news and that they would come out with a full statement soon. They thanked his fans for their continuous loyalty and support and asked them to respect the family’s privacy.

Possible Health Issues

While the official cause of death remains unknown, some sources have speculated that Durkin may have had some health issues prior to his passing. According to Hollywood LA News, Durkin died in a hotel/motel and that his manner of death was ruled as an accident. The site also claimed that his cause of death was the effects of fentanyl and cocaine, citing the coroner’s office as their source. However, this information has not been verified by any other media outlets or by Durkin’s family or bandmates.

Another source, Loudwire, mentioned that Durkin had suffered from addiction, diabetes, obesity, and liver problems throughout his life. The site also reported that he received a liver transplant in 1994, which was controversial due to his addiction issues. However, it is unclear whether these health conditions contributed to his death or whether he had overcome them before his passing.

A Thrash Metal Legend

Regardless of how he died, Jim Durkin will always be remembered as a thrash metal legend who influenced many other musicians and bands with his guitar skills and songwriting abilities. He formed Dark Angel in 1981 with vocalist Don Doty, bassist Rob Yahn, and drummer Mike Andrade. The band quickly became a staple of California thrash metal scene, releasing four studio albums: We Have Arrived (1985), Darkness Descends (1986), Leave Scars (1989), and Time Does Not Heal (1991).

Durkin left the band in 1989 before the recording of their live album Live Scars but returned in 2013 when the band reformed for the second time. He continued to play with Dark Angel until his death. The band had several gigs booked for 2023 throughout North America, including an appearance at the Milwaukee Metal Festival in May. It is currently unclear if those performances will be postponed or canceled.

Durkin was also known for his kindness and compassion towards animals. According to a GoFundMe page created to support his wife Annie, Durkin was “a gentle giant with an incredible singing voice who would stop everything to move an injured animal – insect, bird, reptile, mammal – out of harm’s way.” The page also described him as “a loving husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, mentor, teacher, and inspiration to many.”

Jim Durkin’s legacy will live on through his music and through the memories of those who knew him and loved him. He will be truly missed by his family, friends, fans, and colleagues. May he rest in peace.

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