Jim Bob Duggar ABUSE ALLEGATION by Derick Dillard is RUINING his Life

Derick Dillard came into the spotlight while he pursued Jill Duggar into a relationship, followed by their marriage in 2014. After the couple’s marriage in 2014, Dillard continued to star in his wife’s family’s TLC reality show “19 Kids and Counting” which was then shut down a year later. The two continued to star in a spinoff show of the same called “Counting On” that also included Jill’s siblings. The show was shut down 6 seasons later because Dillard made inappropriate comments about another TLC transgender star.

Following the cancellation of the second show in 2017, the pair became estranged from the Duggars, mainly from Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and started a YouTube channel. Jill has said in videos that they have just needed time away from certain members of her family and that they just need time to heal. Dillard claims that the Counting On star has not included the couple in family functions, and has threatened the two on several occasions.

Jill has also come forward as one of the victims of her brother’s sexual abuse, which he confessed several times between 2003 and 2005 to his parents, and has said that she needs this time off during her brother’s conviction and trial. Derick also claims that Jim Bob has done nothing but support Josh Duggar, which he claims is disgusting. He has also gone on to compare Jim Bob to Jeffrey Epstein who is a convicted sex offender.

Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography and faced 20 years on each charge. Sources believe that he will be sentenced in the next 4 months. Derick Dillard took to Instagram and has made several comments regarding the conviction and has accused Jim Bob, his father-in-law, of verbally abusing him and his family.

Dillard has mentioned in several comments that Jim Bob would have attacked Josh’s victims if they threatened his show and cash flow. he also claims that Jim Bob cares more about money than the well-being of his two daughters (including Jill, who is married to Dillard) that were also victims of sexual assault at the hands of Josh Duggar.

Jim Bob stood and lost in the local elections and his entire campaign surrounded the fact that he was a good Christian and a family man. Dillard has, however, made comments that prove to be otherwise. He believes that Jim Bob cares more about money than supporting his family, political correctness, being a good parent, and even being a Christian. While comparing his father-in-law to Epstein, Dillard says that money has bought silence more often than not and that he and his wife were prompted to sign NDAs about what goes on when the show was not being filmed.

Dillard and his wife have come forward in support of the victims and have said they know from personal experience what it is like. Jim Bob has denied these claims and has said that they are slowly ruining his life and career. He has tried to make claims that Dillard somehow rigged the election campaign he was running and ruined his chances.


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