Jeremy Renner FIRED and NEVER RETURNING to MCU after Ex-Wife ABUSE SCANDAL, Rumor Explained

We are here to talk about the big relationship controversy running around as Jeremy Renner is in talks to get fired from the MCU studios due to the allegations that are put forward by his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco for abusive behavior.

Jeremy Renner has been a part of MCU studios for a long period of time and the personality has played the role of one of the most important heroes of MCU which is Hawkeye. Mentioning the fact that the character also recieved a standalone show recently which basically made it clear that there were big plans for Hawkeye in the studios.

Also to mention the part that it has been up and down in the life of Jeremy Renner when it has come to the personal relationship. Moreover to mention the part that the allegations were put ahead by his ex-wife for the abusive behavior that he put on her.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner might not get featured in the upcoming projects of MCU

There has always been a lot of problems that Jeremy has in the relationship with his ex-wife and though they have even tried to fix things according to the sources it didn’t work out between them and there was always some kind of difference that kept piling up at the time.

Jeremy Renner has been accused of abusive behavior by his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco while she has made some of the big allegations at the time. The matter is currently being held over at the court of law while legal actions would also be taken over in the period of time on this situation. The case is still being investigated at the time as their legal lawyers and agents are collecting a required amount of proof at the time so the decision could be passed in the individual’s favor.

Disney has not yet come forward to make any response on the situation but the fans are expecting that the company might talk about the big situation which is taking place at the period of time. The couple got married back in 2014 and their relationship has turned out to be more challenging at the time.

Jeremy Renner


Moreover to mention that the spokesperson of Jeremy Renner came forward to talk about the situation and what he called the allegations to be one-sided whereas he also suggested that the allegations which were put out on the famous personality were nothing but false ones which were made.

The news has been surfacing out that Jeremy Renner won’t be featured more in the upcoming projects of MCU while the case is yet to be solved at the time and the company is basically putting all the attention on the current scenario which is running at the period of time and the air will be cleared in time and it is yet to see as what would lead in the time period.

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