Jason Momoa HAPPY and EXCITED after Amber Heard’s FIRING from Aquaman 2

We are here to talk about the big news that has been surfacing throughout as the rumors run out stating that Jason Momoa is happy after Amber Heard was fired from the Aquaman 2. Amber Heard has been getting huge criticism after she put over the false allegations about Johnny Depp for the physical assault and mentioned the part that this was the part that went to the downfall of her career.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s controversy has been running through for a long period of time and hence to mention that the audience can’t get enough of the drama that has been holding out. Johnny Depp slammed a defamation case on Amber Heard and the trial battle in court took place for some time a lot of things were unveiled at the time such as the recordings and more about the difficult times that the former couple went through.

Amber Heard would probably get fired from the Aquaman franchise

The big situation which took place and captured the attention of everyone was the part where Johnny Depp went forward to lose a number of his major roles back the time due to ongoing trials including his famous role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

A lot of proof was gathered afterall against Amber Heard from the lawyers of Johnny Depp and the trial kept going as the friends and other witnesses such as their workers came forward to testify in court to help solve the case. The decision was finally ruled out by the jury in the favour of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had to pay a large amount of money as a sort of compensation.

Everyone witnessed the ongoing situation which took place as Johnny Depp lost a number of roles and now it is suggested that the personality has gotten his reputation back now that he has the defamation case which was in the sight of everyone.

A number of DC fans have brought a major petition back in the time for the replacement of Amber Heard in the upcoming installment of Aquaman and there have been sources reporting that the fans and viewers do not want to personality to get featured on the franchise and especially after Johnny lost some roles at the time and the same should be done with Amber Heard now and that she should be fired from the franchise.

The petition on the other hand crossed a major limit and though it came under the attention of everyone whereas to mention that there are talks and discussions among the fans that the studios are actually considering firing Amber Heard from the franchise and bringing on her replacement because the DC studios also do not want to work against the wishes of their fans according to the reports and now there are big changes coming in that we could actually witness the replacement of Amber Heard in the latest installment of Aquaman and this is what the fans want at the time.

Amber Heard is the favorite to be removed from the Aquaman franchise

Some of the reports have also stated that Jason Momoa also wanted Amber Heard to get fired from the Aquaman franchise and he was also the one taking the side of Johnny Depp ever since the trial was put through. However to mention that the filming of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was already done some time ago before the trial and so there has been word that Amber Heard will be appearing in the upcoming installment of the movie however the studio has decided to do one thing, which reduces her role at the time and this was the most that they could do currently.

Amber Heard has been criticized by the audience for all the actions and other fake allegations she has pulled off against Johnny Depp whereas some of the fans have also supported Amber Heard at the time and it is yet to see what more will the authorities of the studios shall be coming forward with a decision and whether Amber Heard is finally removed from the Aquaman franchise.

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