Jasmine Sabu Cause of Death: The Tragic Story of Sabu’s Daughter

Jasmine Sabu was the daughter of Sabu Dastagir, a famous Indian actor who starred in classic films such as The Thief of Bagdad and The Jungle Book. She was also a screenwriter and an animal trainer for motion pictures. She died at the age of 44 in 2001, shortly after she completed a film script about her father’s life. What was the cause of her death and how did it relate to her father’s legacy? This article will explore the tragic story of Jasmine Sabu and her family.

Sabu: The Elephant Boy from India

Sabu Dastagir was born in 1924 in Mysore, India. He was discovered by documentary filmmaker Robert Flaherty, who cast him as the lead in the 1937 film Elephant Boy, based on a story by Rudyard Kipling. Sabu became an instant sensation and was dubbed “the Elephant Boy” by the media. He moved to Hollywood and signed a contract with MGM, where he appeared in several exotic adventure films, such as The Drum, The Thief of Bagdad, and Arabian Nights. He was one of the few actors of color who achieved stardom in Hollywood at that time.

Sabu also served in the US Army Air Forces during World War II and became a naturalized American citizen in 1944. He married actress Marilyn Cooper in 1948 and had two children, Paul and Jasmine. He continued to act in films and television until his death in 1963.

Jasmine Sabu: The Screenwriter and Animal Trainer

Jasmine Sabu was born in 1957 in Los Angeles, California. She followed in her show business parents’ footsteps, but not as an actor. She trained animals for the movies and also wrote a screenplay about her famous father. According to AncientFaces, she titled her script “The Second Coming of ‘Thief Of Bagdad’” and planned to produce it with her brother Paul, who was a composer. She wanted to honor her father’s legacy and introduce him to a new generation of audiences.

Jasmine never married and lived in Southern California almost her entire life. She was close to her mother and brother, who supported her creative endeavors. She was also an animal lover and had several pets, including dogs, cats, and horses.

Jasmine Sabu Cause of Death: A Heartbreaking Coincidence

Jasmine Sabu died on April 15, 2001, in Salem, Oregon. She was visiting her mother, who had moved there after her husband’s death. The cause of her death was not publicly disclosed, but some sources suggest that it was related to a heart condition. According to Find a Grave, she was buried next to her father in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. Her headstone is inscribed: “To Our Precious Daughter And Sister – Until The Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away.”

Jasmine’s death was a heartbreaking coincidence, as it mirrored her father’s demise. Sabu also died of a heart attack at the age of 39 in 1963, at his home in Southern California. His death made headlines around the world and shocked his fans and friends. According to NNDB, he was preparing for a comeback role in a film called Rampage, which was later completed with another actor.

Jasmine and Sabu shared a lot in common: they were both talented, creative, and passionate about their work. They also died young and left behind a legacy of films and stories that continue to inspire and entertain people today. They were a father and daughter who loved each other and the world of cinema.

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