James Franco found HIDING from Paparazzi after SCANDALOUS Sex Addiction statement

Oscar nominated actor James Franco has admitted the allegation that he was having sexual interaction with his students of the acting institution he used to operate with earlier. There is a rumor going around that he has an addiction to sex. And he has been trying to develop his behavior in past few years.

As per the reports of the Jess Cagle Podcast which was released publicly on Wednesday, the 43-year-old actor Franco has admitted that he slept with his pupils while he was working as a teacher in his institute and he thinks that his actions are not right at all. He also added that he didn’t start the institution in order to attract the ladies to fulfill his sexual desires.

He mentioned that at that time his thoughts were not going in a straight path. At that time, he was not thinking straight. His students were the first ones to report him for the mentioned allegations almost four years ago and his response was to the report also came by at that time. He gave his statement publicly when the Los Angeles Times had declared that five women has reported that James Franco had been having sex with his students.

After that, back in October of 2019, two actresses allegedly filed a public lawsuit against the star of Pineapple Express. They made accusations against him for forcing his students to have sexual interactions with him. He took advantage of the women who were aiming to be an actress and then deceiving them to film graphical sexual scenes.

Franco mentioned that he got his addiction to sex after he got rid of his addiction to alcohol, he continued that he got addicted to alcohol at a young age. He said that that was a very powerful addiction. He stayed addicted to alcohol for more than 20 years. But the fraudulent part is that he stayed away from alcohol all these years. His condition didn’t get until Torres, his sister-in-law, who is engaged to his brother Tom Franco presented him a book. The book was about the addiction to sex and love. He exclaimed that it hit him hard. While reading the book he found many similarities with himself.

Franco hosted the event of Oscar back in 2011 and he got a nomination for his acting in the popular movie 127 Hours in the Oscar event back in 2012. In accordance with the records that were submitted in the court of Los Angeles, the 127 Hours actor has made a proposition to pay a penalty of 2.2 million USA in order to amend for his wrongdoings that were mentioned in the lawsuit which was filed back in 2019.

James Franco also mentioned in the interview which was taken by the podcast that he has been going through treatment to overcome his problem of sex addiction for quite a while now. He has been being treated for his addiction since he was reported to the law. He also said that he has been doing a lot of activities and changing himself every day.

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