Jada Pinkett Made Will Smith MENTALLY DISTURBED and SUICIDAL

To be honest, the recent documentary series of Will Smith was actually planned to be focusing on his journey of getting in shape, physically. But in reality, the show has also given him a chance to focus on his mental health.

The star of Aladdin, Will Smith (53 years) has made his appearance in his YouTube series Best Shape of My Life. The series is a documentary kind of show and contains 6 parts in it. the show focuses on the star Will Smith and how he loses 20 pounds of weight in 20 weeks. At the same time, he also works on his forthcoming memoir, ‘Will.’ The actor of Men in Black revealed in the trailer of the show that when he first appeared in the show, he thought he was going to get into the best shape of his life physically. But on the other hand, he was not present at the spot mentally. The trailer was released on 1st November (Monday) of 2021. He also added that he finally could find out a ton of hidden facts about himself.

In a particular scene, the dweller of Philadelphia had been open about his past life of his with his acquaintances and his family, which includes his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and their two children, Jaden Smith (23 years), and Willow Smith (21 years). He revealed to them some dark stage of his life and mentioned that that was the only time in his entire life when he had serious suicidal thoughts.

The nominee of the Oscar Prize has mentioned in a voiceover that what we mainly think of when we hear the name Will Smith, the main character who annihilates aliens, the star of Bigger-than-life, is a certain construction. A character that is carefully created and designed to protect himself, to hide from the outer world, to protect the coward within. In the early quarter of 2021, the winner of the Grammy award publicly mentioned that he was in ‘the worst shape’ of his life as he was stuck inside of his house while coronavirus was on a rampage outside. In the middle of the year, he revealed that he was going to jump again into his fitness schedule of his with little assistance from YouTube.

He announced in his official Instagram handle that, his body is the only thing that helped him continue through an entire epidemic and numerous days pasturing through the pantry. He also mentioned that it’s not like he hates this body, but he wants to get in better shape. So, no more muffins at midnight. “Imma get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!!!” he concluded.

We have seen Will Smith being all open about his journey of getting into the best shape to his fans. He had shared countless posts on his official Instagram handle that were checked out by 55.6 million of his followers. Currently, he is busy with his acting career as he will be appearing in the forthcoming movie ‘King Richard.’ He will be acting as Richard William, the father of the tennis pros Serena and Venus Williams.

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