Is Xyon Quinn related to Roman Reigns? The truth behind the NXT star’s Samoan heritage


Xyon Quinn is one of the rising stars in WWE NXT, the developmental brand of the world’s largest wrestling company. He has impressed fans and critics alike with his athletic ability, charisma and potential. But there is one question that many people have been asking about him: Is Xyon Quinn related to Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion and the face of the company. He is also part of the famous Anoa’i family, a dynasty of Samoan wrestlers that includes legends like The Rock, Rikishi, Umaga and The Usos. Reigns is known as The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table and The Big Dog, and he rules the main roster with an iron fist.

Xyon Quinn, on the other hand, is a former rugby player who made his NXT debut in 2020. He has a Samoan tattoo on his arm, which has led some fans to speculate that he might be related to Reigns and his family. But is that really the case? Let’s find out.

Xyon Quinn’s background and career

Xyon Quinn’s real name is Daniel Vidot, and he was born in Brisbane, Australia on February 8, 1990. He is of Samoan and Irish descent, and he played rugby league as a winger for several teams in Australia and England, including the Canberra Raiders, the Brisbane Broncos and the Salford Red Devils. He also represented Samoa at an international level.

Vidot signed with WWE in 2018 and trained at the WWE Performance Center under Chris Hero. He made his NXT debut in November 2018 under his real name, but later changed it to Xyon Quinn in October 2020. He has been featured on NXT television since then, mostly in squash matches against enhancement talent. He has also shown some personality traits, such as being respectful to women and having a sense of humor.

The short answer is no. Xyon Quinn and Roman Reigns are not related by blood or by marriage. They do not share any common ancestors or relatives in the Anoa’i family or any other Samoan wrestling clan. They are simply two wrestlers who happen to have Samoan heritage and tattoos.

According to Sportskeeda, looking at Quinn’s Samoan tattoo, it is easy to speculate that he is related to Reigns and his family, but that is not the case. The NXT Superstar’s real name is Daniel Vidot and he was born in Brisbane, Australia. While not much is known about his parents, Quinn is reportedly of Samoan and Irish descent.

Meanwhile, Reigns’ real name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’i and he hails from Pensacola, Florida. He is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Sika and is part of the famous Anoa’i Family of wrestlers. While fans have been made aware of other members, there haven’t been any reports linking Quinn to the Anoa’i Family.

Have Xyon Quinn and Roman Reigns ever crossed paths?

As of now, Xyon Quinn and Roman Reigns have never crossed paths in WWE or outside of it. They belong to different brands (NXT and SmackDown) and different levels of experience (rookie and veteran). They have never faced each other in a match or a segment, nor have they interacted on social media or in interviews.

However, that does not mean that they will never meet in the future. WWE is known for its unpredictable twists and turns, and anything can happen in the world of sports entertainment. Maybe one day, Xyon Quinn will get called up to the main roster and challenge Roman Reigns for his title. Maybe he will join forces with him as an honorary member of The Bloodline. Maybe he will turn against him as a rival or a traitor.

The possibilities are endless, but for now, we can only speculate what might happen if Xyon Quinn and Roman Reigns ever meet.


Xyon Quinn is a promising talent in WWE NXT who has a lot of potential to become a star. He has a Samoan tattoo on his arm that makes him look like he could be related to Roman Reigns, but that is not true. They are not related by blood or by marriage, nor have they ever met in WWE or outside of it.

They are simply two wrestlers who share a common heritage but have different paths and goals in their careers. Maybe one day, they will cross paths and create some memorable moments for the fans. Until then, we can only watch and enjoy their performances on their respective brands.

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