Is Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop The Main Antagonist Of Hawkeye Series On Disney+?

Hawkeye is one of the Founding members of the Avenger and Since the Avengers: Endgame ended we have not seen Hawkeye but we saw him uniting with his family back when Thanos made the population into dust. After the end of the movie or say Phase 3 in marvel universe we can be seeing Hawkeye enjoying time with his family.

But that does not seem to be the case while since the Hawkeye trailer was released we have been seeing him in the action.

Since Hawkeye is getting its series on Disney+ Marvel to want to show more about Hawkeye that would not be possible in a movie and it’s about we get to know many details about him too.

Since now each and every marvel character is getting its story after the events of Endgame. we have this new story in front of us for Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is one of the amazing shooters with a crossbow but even though getting almost two trailers we still don’t know who is the main villain in the series.

We will discuss the possible outcomes of who could be playing the antagonist in the Hawkeye series.

Now since the trailer dropped and we could see that Hawkeye will have an Apprentice who will be handling the mane the throne of being the next hawkeye. While this will be done and is shown in the comic as well and Marvel is surely putting some elements from the comic into the Series itself. Kate Bishop will be the one who will take over the mantle of Hawkeye.

While they are chances that Kate Bishop’s mom Eleanor Bishop played by Vera Farmiga will be the antagonist who will be seen playing the role of a person who will control an organization that will be doing evil activities.

Hawkeye Is Rumored To Include Madame Masque

Now Madam Masque is rumored to be stepping as the villain for the series but right now as no one has been approached for that role yet. Now there is another possible theory that is that Madam Masque is Kate Bishop’s mother and she will be the one who will be the actual villain.

While seen in comics that Kate Bishops family is full of criminals and her being the only child to be away from all that. while her father was a criminal who use to deal with underground people and use to sell them weapons and there is a chance that her family is one of the kingpins in the town.

They slowly rose to power and now control an enterprise that is known for all sorts of criminal activity.

That Being said All arrows are pointed towards kate Bishops Family.


we can get to know more about this when marvel drops another travel since Marvel has a habit of showing villains at the end keeping suspense we can expect that from them.

Hawkeye will release on November 24, 2021.

You can see the trailer here.


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