Is Teonna Rainwater Related to Chief Rainwater? The Truth Behind the Yellowstone Characters

Yellowstone is a popular Western drama series that follows the Dutton family, who owns the largest ranch in the United States. The show also features the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, led by Chief Thomas Rainwater, who has a long-standing feud with John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton clan. But who is Chief Rainwater and what is his connection to Teonna Rainwater, the young Native American girl who appears in the prequel series 1923?

Who is Chief Thomas Rainwater?

Chief Thomas Rainwater is a wealthy casino mogul and the elected high chief for the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock. He is played by Gil Birmingham, an actor of Comanche descent

Rainwater has a strong ambition to take back the land that was stolen from his ancestors by the white settlers, especially the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. He often clashes with John Dutton over land and water rights, as well as cultural and political issues. He also faces challenges from within his own tribe, such as corruption, crime, and poverty.

Rainwater was raised off the reservation and thought he was of Mexican descent until he was 18 years old. He never knew his biological mother. According to his adoption records, he learned he was Native American. He attended and graduated from Harvard University. He also interned for the American Petroleum Institute before becoming a casino owner

Who is Teonna Rainwater?

Teonna Rainwater is a young girl from the Broken Rock Reservation who was forced to enroll in a government boarding school for American Indians run by the Catholic church. She is played by Aminah Nieves, an actress of Crow descent

Teonna is brutally abused by the school’s staff, who try to erase her identity and culture. She suffers physical, emotional, and sexual violence from the nuns and priests who run the school. She eventually escapes and embarks on a journey of survival and self-discovery.

Teonna is a descendant of Issaxche Rainwater, a Crow woman who was married to Runs His Horse, a Lakota warrior. Issaxche was killed by white soldiers during the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. Runs His Horse survived and raised their daughter, who later gave birth to Teonna

The question of whether Teonna Rainwater is related to Chief Thomas Rainwater has been a source of speculation among fans of Yellowstone and 1923. Some have suggested that they are distant cousins or that Teonna is an ancestor of Chief Rainwater.

However, there is no definitive answer to this question yet. The creators of the show have not confirmed or denied any relation between the two characters. They may reveal more details in future episodes or seasons.

One possible clue is that Teonna and Chief Rainwater share the same surname, which implies that they belong to the same clan or family within their tribe. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are blood relatives, as surnames can also be adopted or changed over time.

Another possible clue is that Teonna and Chief Rainwater are both from the Crow Nation, one of the tribes that make up the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are closely related, as tribes can have thousands of members with different degrees of kinship.

Therefore, until more information is revealed by the showrunners, it remains unclear if Teonna Rainwater is related to Chief Thomas Rainwater or not.

Why Does It Matter?

The question of whether Teonna Rainwater is related to Chief Thomas Rainwater may seem trivial or irrelevant to some viewers, but it actually has significant implications for both characters and their stories.

For Teonna, finding out if she has any living relatives could be a source of hope and healing after losing her parents and suffering so much trauma at the boarding school. She could also learn more about her heritage and identity from her potential kin.

For Chief Rainwater, finding out if he has any ancestors or descendants could be a source of pride and motivation for his quest to reclaim his ancestral land and rights. He could also gain more allies and supporters from his potential family.

Moreover, for both characters and their respective shows, finding out if they are related could create more connections and parallels between Yellowstone and 1923. It could also explore more themes and issues related to Native American history and culture.


Is Teonna Rainwater related to Chief Thomas Rainwater? The answer is still unknown at this point. However, it is a question that sparks curiosity and interest among fans of Yellowstone and 1923. It also reflects the importance of family and heritage for both characters and their stories.

Whether they are related or not, Teonna Rainwater and Chief Thomas Rainwater are both compelling characters who represent different aspects of Native American life in different eras. They both face challenges and struggles, but they also show resilience and strength. They both deserve respect and recognition for their roles in the Yellowstone universe.

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