Is Teddy Gentry Related to Troy Gentry? The Truth Behind the Surname

Many country music fans are familiar with the names of Teddy Gentry and Troy Gentry. Teddy is the bassist and vocalist of the legendary band Alabama, while Troy was one half of the duo Montgomery Gentry, who tragically died in a helicopter crash in 2017. Given that they both share the same surname and musical genre, some people might wonder if they are related in any way. The answer is no, they are not.

Teddy Gentry’s Background and Career

Teddy Gentry was born on January 22, 1952, in Fort Payne, Alabama. He grew up with his mother and grandparents, who encouraged his musical talent. He learned to play guitar, bass, and piano at a young age. He met his future bandmates Randy Owen and Jeff Cook in high school, and they formed a group called Wildcountry in 1969. They later changed their name to Alabama and became one of the most successful country bands of all time, with over 200 awards and 75 million records sold.

Teddy married his high school sweetheart Linda, who is also a songwriter. They have two children, Josh and Sally. Teddy is also a successful songwriter, producer, and businessman. He owns a recording studio, a cattle farm, and a music publishing company. He is also involved in various charitable causes, such as Habitat for Humanity and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Troy Gentry’s Background and Career

Troy Gentry was born on April 5, 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky. He grew up with a passion for music and sports. He learned to play guitar and drums and joined several bands in his teens and twenties. He met his future partner Eddie Montgomery in 1990, and they formed a duo called Deuce. They later changed their name to Montgomery Gentry and signed with Columbia Records in 1999. They became one of the most popular country duos of the 2000s, with over 20 charting singles and five studio albums.

Troy married Angie McClure in 1999, and they had one daughter, Kaylee. Troy also had a son, Taylor, from a previous marriage. Troy was known for his adventurous spirit and love of hunting, fishing, and flying. He was also a philanthropist who supported various causes, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the USO.

The Tragic Accident That Took Troy’s Life

On September 8, 2017, Troy was scheduled to perform with Eddie at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford, New Jersey. He decided to take a helicopter ride around the area before the show, along with the pilot James Evan Robinson. However, something went wrong with the helicopter’s throttle control system, and it crashed into a wooded area near the airport. Troy died at the scene from blunt force trauma, while Robinson died later at a hospital from his injuries.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the accident and found that Robinson failed to follow proper emergency procedures when he noticed the problem with the throttle control system. He also failed to perform a pre-flight check that could have detected the issue. The NTSB concluded that the accident was caused by pilot error.

Troy’s widow Angie filed a lawsuit against the helicopter company and its owner for wrongful death and negligence. She claimed that they failed to maintain the helicopter properly and did not train Robinson adequately. She also sought compensation for her emotional distress and loss of companionship.


Teddy Gentry and Troy Gentry are not related by blood or marriage. They just happen to have the same surname and be country musicians. They both have their own families, careers, and legacies that are distinct from each other. However, they both share a love of music and a respect for their fans.

According to Celeb Doko, Teddy Gentry’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of 2022. According to TV Overmind, Troy Gentry’s net worth was estimated at $8 to $10 million at the time of his death. Both of them have made significant contributions to the country music industry and have influenced many artists.

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