Is Struggle Jennings Related to Shooter Jennings? The Truth About the Country Rap Dynasty

Country music fans are probably familiar with the names of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, two of the most influential and legendary artists in the genre. But did you know that their musical legacy extends to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are making waves in the country rap scene?

In this article, we will explore the family ties and musical careers of Struggle Jennings and Shooter Jennings, two rappers who share a common ancestry and a passion for blending country and hip-hop.

Who is Struggle Jennings?

Struggle Jennings, whose real name is William Curtis Harness Jr., is an American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the grandson of instrumental rock guitarist Duane Eddy and country musician Jessi Colter, the step-grandson of Waylon Jennings, and the nephew of Shooter Jennings, from whom Harness adopted his stage name.

Struggle Jennings started his rap career in 2013, after serving a five-year prison sentence for drug-related charges. He was one of the original members of Yelawolf’s Slumerican label roster along with Bubba Sparxxx. He has released several albums and EPs, including I Am Struggle, Return of the Outlaw, The Widow’s Son, Angels & Outlaws, Troubadour of Troubled Souls, and Outlaw Shit. He has also collaborated with fellow rapper Jelly Roll on a series of albums titled Waylon & Willie, paying homage to their musical influences.

Struggle Jennings is known for his gritty and honest lyrics that reflect his personal struggles and redemption. He often incorporates country elements into his rap beats, such as acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and fiddles. He has also worked with his mother Jenni Eddy Jennings and his daughter Brianna Harness on some of his songs.

Who is Shooter Jennings?

Shooter Jennings, whose real name is Waylon Albright Jennings, is an American musician and record producer. He is the son of country singers Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, and the cousin of Struggle Jennings. He was named after his father’s close friend and fellow outlaw country icon, Willie Nelson.

Shooter Jennings began his musical career in 2001, when he moved to Los Angeles and formed a rock band called Stargunn. He later switched to country music and signed with Universal South Records in 2005. He has released eight studio albums to date, including Put the O Back in Country, Electric Rodeo, The Wolf, Black Ribbons, Family Man, The Other Life, Countach (For Giorgio), and Shooter. He has also produced albums for other artists such as Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile, Marilyn Manson, Duff McKagan, and The White Buffalo.

Shooter Jennings is known for his eclectic and experimental style that blends country, rock, southern rock, outlaw country, and country rap. He has also ventured into other genres such as psychedelic rock, electronic music, heavy metal, and concept albums. He has also appeared in several films and TV shows as an actor or composer.

Struggle Jennings and Shooter Jennings are first cousins once removed. Their mothers are sisters (Jenni Eddy Jennings and Jessi Colter), and their grandfathers are brothers-in-law (Duane Eddy and Waylon Jennings). They also share a common musical heritage and influence from their grandparents and parents.

Struggle Jennings and Shooter Jennings have collaborated on some songs together, such as “Outlaw Shit”, “The Deed And The Dollar”, “Wild And Lonesome”, “The Gunslinger”, “The Other Life”, “Bury Me In Dixie”, “Fast Horses And Good Hideouts”, “Bound Ta Git Down”, “Do You Love Texas?”, “Living In A Minor Key”, “Denim And Diamonds”, “Ace In The Hole”, “The Real Me”, “The Black Dog”, “Manifesto No. 4”, “Bad Magick”, “Lonesome Blues”, “Slow Train”, “Southern Family Anthem”, “Outlaw You”, “The Real Me (Reprise)”, “All Of This Could Have Been Yours”, “Summer Dreams (Al’s Song)”, “The Door”, “Solid Country Gold / Outro”.

According to Wikipedia, Struggle Jennings said that he considers Shooter Jennings as his brother rather than his cousin. He also said that they have a lot of respect for each other’s music and that they support each other’s careers.


Struggle Jennings and Shooter Jennings are two talented rappers who have inherited the musical legacy of their famous family members. They are related by blood and by music, as they share a common ancestry and a passion for blending country and hip-hop. They have also collaborated on several songs together that showcase their unique styles and perspectives.

If you are a fan of country rap or want to discover more about this genre, you should definitely check out the music of Struggle Jennings and Shooter Jennings. You will not be disappointed by their authentic and original sound that pays tribute to their musical roots.

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