Is Steve Hartman Related to David Hartman? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people have wondered if Steve Hartman, the CBS News reporter and host of the popular segment “On the Road”, is related to David Hartman, the former actor and anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America. The two share a common surname and profession, but are they actually family?

Who is Steve Hartman?

Steve Hartman is an American broadcast journalist who was born on April 14, 1963, in Toledo, Ohio. He earned a degree in broadcast journalism at Bowling Green State University, graduating in 1985. He began his career as an intern and general assignment reporter for WTOL in Toledo, Ohio, and then worked as a feature reporter for KSTP in Minneapolis, WABC-TV in New York City, and KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. He joined CBS News in 1998 as a correspondent and essayist for various programs, including 60 Minutes II, Coast to Coast, Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel, and CBS Evening News.

He is best known for his award-winning feature series, Everybody Has a Story, which he started in 1998. The series involved him throwing a dart at a map of the United States, traveling to wherever it landed, picking a name at random from a phone book, and interviewing that person about their life story. He later expanded the series to cover stories from around the world, with the help of NASA astronauts spinning a globe from the International Space Station.

He also revived the On the Road series, which was originally created by Charles Kuralt in 1967. The series features Hartman traveling across the country and reporting on uplifting and inspiring stories of ordinary Americans. He has won several awards for his work, including two Peabody Awards, four Emmy Awards, and three Edward R. Murrow Awards.

He lives with his wife, Andrea, and their three children in Catskill, New York. One of his children has autism. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Who is David Hartman?

David Hartman is an American journalist and media host who was born on May 19, 1935, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He graduated from Duke University in 1957 with a degree in economics and served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force for three years. He began his media career as an actor, appearing in Broadway shows such as Hello, Dolly! and The Yearling. He also starred in several films and television shows, such as The Ballad of Josie, Nobody’s Perfect, The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, Miracle on 34th Street (1973 remake), The Island at the Top of the World, and Lucas Tanner.

He is best known as the first host of ABC’s Good Morning America, from 1975 to 1987. He helped establish the show as a ratings leader and a pioneer of morning television. He interviewed many prominent figures from politics, entertainment, sports, and culture. He also covered major events such as the Iran hostage crisis, the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and the Challenger disaster.

He left Good Morning America in 1987 to pursue other projects. He hosted and produced several documentary programs for History Channel and PBS, such as Israel: Birth of a Nation (1996), Beyond Belief: Stories About Life After Death (2001), Smart Surgery: The Artificial Heart (2002), and Heartbeat of America (2004). He also wrote several books on aviation history and travel.

He lives with his second wife, Mary Clark Putman, in Westchester County, New York. He has four children from his first marriage to Maureen Downey (who died in 1997) and two stepchildren from his second marriage.

According to, Steve Hartman is not related to David Hartman. They have no familial connection or ancestry that links them together. They just happen to share a common last name that is fairly common in the United States.

The website also states that Steve Hartman has never met David Hartman personally or professionally. They have never worked together or crossed paths in their respective careers.

Therefore, the rumor that they are related is false and has no basis in fact.


Steve Hartman and David Hartman are both successful journalists who have made significant contributions to their field. They have both entertained and informed millions of viewers with their stories and interviews. However, they are not related by blood or marriage. They are simply two individuals who share a surname that is not uncommon in America.

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