Is Solo Sikoa related to the Usos? The truth behind the Bloodline Civil War

Solo Sikoa is one of the rising stars of NXT 2.0, but he is also part of a legendary wrestling family that includes his older brothers, The Usos, and his cousin, Roman Reigns. The question that many fans have been asking is: Is Solo Sikoa related to the Usos? And if so, why are they on opposite sides of the Bloodline Civil War?

The Anoa’i family legacy

Solo Sikoa is the younger brother of **The Usos**. The Usos include the twin brothers Joshua Samuel Fatu and Jonathan Solofa Fatu, who have their ring names as Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso³. They are also a part of **The Bloodline**, including their cousin, Roman Reigns, and the members of the renowned Anoa’i wrestling family of Samoan wrestlers.

The Anoa’i family has produced some of the most successful and influential wrestlers in the history of the business, such as The Rock, Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, The Wild Samoans, and many more. Solo Sikoa is the son of Rikishi and the grandson of Sika Anoa’i, one of the Wild Samoans.

The Bloodline Civil War

The Bloodline Civil War is a storyline that has been unfolding on WWE SmackDown since WrestleMania 39. It involves Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion and the self-proclaimed Head of the Table, and his cousins, The Usos, who are the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

The conflict started when Reigns took issue with The Usos dropping the tag team titles to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39. Reigns decided to challenge for the titles himself at Night of Champions along with Solo Sikoa, who had recently debuted on SmackDown as his ally.

The Usos interfered in the match against Reigns’ wishes, and after they accidentally superkicked Solo Sikoa, Reigns lost his temper and attacked them. Jimmy Uso kicked Reigns in retaliation, and Zayn and Owens retained the titles.

Since then, Reigns and Solo Sikoa have essentially disowned Jimmy Uso, leaving Jey Uso to choose between his twin brother or his cousins. Jey initially sided with Reigns and Solo Sikoa, but later turned on them and rejoined Jimmy Uso. The Usos then superkicked Reigns and Solo Sikoa to officially eject themselves from The Bloodline.

The feud will culminate at Money in the Bank in London on July 1, when Reigns and Solo Sikoa will face The Usos in a tag team match that has been dubbed as The Bloodline Civil War.

Why Solo Sikoa is not with The Usos

Solo Sikoa is not with The Usos because he believes in Roman Reigns’ vision of being The Head of the Table and dominating WWE. He also wants to carve his own path and not be overshadowed by his brothers.

In an interview with Fightful, Solo Sikoa revealed that The Usos told him to not look like them and to keep evolving as a wrestler. He said: “They told me don’t look like us. Don’t be like us. Keep evolving. Keep changing your look up. Keep changing your gear up. Keep changing your style up.”

Solo Sikoa also said that he does not want his brothers to change him into an Uso. He said: “It’s hard for me to be a Solo but easy for me to be an Uso.”

Solo Sikoa has proven himself to be a formidable force on NXT 2.0, where he has defeated several opponents with his devastating finisher, the Island Driver. He has also shown loyalty and respect to Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on SmackDown.

Solo Sikoa may be related to The Usos by blood, but he is not aligned with them by choice. He has chosen to stand by Roman Reigns and fight against his brothers in the Bloodline Civil War.

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