Is Snoop Dogg Related to Nick Cannon? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many fans of rap music and comedy have wondered if Snoop Dogg and Nick Cannon are related. The two celebrities have often shown their admiration and respect for each other, and Nick Cannon even calls Snoop Dogg “Uncle Snoop”. But is there any truth to the rumor that they share the same bloodline? Here’s what we found out.

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor that Snoop Dogg and Nick Cannon are related started when Nick Cannon appeared on Snoop Dogg’s YouTube show GGN News in 2013. During the interview, Nick Cannon referred to Snoop Dogg as his “uncle” several times, and Snoop Dogg also called him his “nephew”. The two seemed to have a close bond and a lot of mutual respect.

However, this was not the first time that Nick Cannon called Snoop Dogg his uncle. In fact, he has been doing so since he was a teenager. In an interview with VladTV in 2015, Nick Cannon revealed that he met Snoop Dogg when he was 15 years old, and that Snoop Dogg took him under his wing and mentored him in the entertainment industry. Nick Cannon said that Snoop Dogg was like a father figure to him, and that he always looked up to him as a role model.

The Truth About Their Relationship

So, are Snoop Dogg and Nick Cannon related by blood? The answer is no. According to ABTC, a spokesperson for genealogy company confirmed that the two are not related. The expression “Uncle” is simply used to demonstrate the closeness of kinship, not biological relation.

Nick Cannon and Snoop Dogg are both from California, but they have different backgrounds and family histories. Nick Cannon was born in San Diego, California, to a minister father and a mother who worked as an accountant. He was raised by his grandparents and partly by his father. He has three brothers: Gabriel, Reuben, and Caleb.

Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California, to a Vietnam veteran father and a mother who worked as a nurse. He was named after his stepfather, who divorced his mother when he was three years old. He has two brothers: Bing Worthington Jr. and Jerry Wesley Carter.

Their Friendship and Collaboration

Despite not being related by blood, Nick Cannon and Snoop Dogg have a strong friendship and collaboration. They have worked together on several projects, such as the comedy show Wild ‘n Out, the movie Soul Plane, the song Peaches N Cream, and the album Ncredible Gang.

They also support each other’s endeavors and causes. For example, Nick Cannon joined Snoop Dogg’s protest against the Oscars in 2016, and Snoop Dogg defended Nick Cannon when he was fired from ViacomCBS in 2020 for making anti-Semitic remarks.

Nick Cannon has also praised Snoop Dogg for being a positive influence on his life and career. He said that Snoop Dogg taught him how to be humble, how to be creative, how to be loyal, and how to be a leader.


Snoop Dogg and Nick Cannon are not related by blood, but they are related by friendship. They have a close bond that goes beyond music and comedy. They call each other “Uncle” and “Nephew” as a sign of respect and affection. They are both successful artists who have inspired many people with their talent and charisma.

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