Is Skip Marley Related to Bob Marley? The Reggae Roots of a Rising Star

Skip Marley is a talented Jamaican reggae artist, singer, and songwriter. He is the grandson of legendary musician Bob Marley and the son of Cedella Marley, Bob’s oldest daughter. But how did he inherit the musical gene from his famous family? And what makes him stand out as a rising star in the reggae scene? Here is a brief overview of Skip Marley’s relation to Bob Marley and his musical journey so far.

The Bob Marley Family Tree

Bob Marley was born in 1945 in Jamaica, to an English father and a Jamaican mother. He started his musical career in the early 1960s, forming a vocal group called The Wailers with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. The Wailers became one of the most influential reggae bands in history, blending Jamaican rhythms with social and spiritual messages. Bob Marley also became a global icon of peace, love, and resistance, spreading his Rastafarian faith and political views through his songs.

Bob Marley married Rita Anderson in 1966, and they had three children together: Cedella (born 1967), David “Ziggy” Marley (born 1968), and Stephen Marley (born 1972). Bob also adopted Rita’s daughter from a previous relationship, Sharon (born 1964). In addition, Bob had several other children with different women, including Rohan (born 1972), Julian (born 1975), Ky-Mani (born 1976), Damian (born 1978), and Makeda (born 1981). Bob Marley died in 1981 from cancer, at the age of 36.

The Melody Makers and Beyond

Bob Marley’s children followed in his footsteps and pursued musical careers of their own. In 1979, Ziggy, Stephen, Cedella, and Sharon formed a group called The Melody Makers, later known as Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. They released several albums and won three Grammy Awards for Best Reggae Album. Ziggy also embarked on a successful solo career, releasing eight albums and winning four more Grammys. Stephen became a prominent producer and singer, working with artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Mos Def, and Damian Marley. He also released four solo albums and won six Grammys.

Damian Marley, also known as Junior Gong, is the youngest son of Bob Marley and the most successful of his half-siblings. He started his career at the age of 13, releasing his debut album Mr. Marley in 1996. He rose to fame with his breakthrough album Welcome to Jamrock in 2005, which featured the hit single of the same name. He won two Grammys for that album, and two more for his collaboration with Nas on Distant Relatives in 2010. He has since collaborated with Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart on the SuperHeavy project, and also worked with Skrillex, Cypress Hill, and Sean Paul.

Julian Marley is the only British-born child of Bob Marley, to one of his extra-curricular girlfriends, Lucy Pounder. He started releasing singles in the early 90s and remains an active singer. He has released four albums, including Awake in 2009, which was nominated for a Grammy. Ky-Mani Marley is also a singer and songwriter, as well as an actor. He has released six albums, including Maestro in 2015. Rohan Marley is not a musician but a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Marley Coffee and House of Marley headphones. He was also married to Lauryn Hill from 1996 to 2009.

Skip Marley: The New Generation

Skip Marley is the son of Cedella Marley and David Minto. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1996, but grew up in Miami, Florida. He taught himself to play piano, drums, guitar, and bass at an early age. He released his first single “Cry to Me” in 2015 under the Tuff Gong label. He later signed with Island Records and released more singles such as “Lions”, “Calm Down”, “Refugee”, and “That’s Not True” featuring Damian Marley.

Skip Marley gained international recognition when he collaborated with Katy Perry on her single “Chained to the Rhythm” in 2017. They performed the song at the Grammy Awards, the Brit Awards, and the iHeartRadio Music Awards that year. Skip also became the first Jamaican artist to reach the top five on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs chart with his song “Slow Down” featuring H.E.R. in 2020. He released his debut EP Higher Place in August 2020, which features guest appearances from Rick Ross, Ari Lennox, and Bob Marley himself.

Skip Marley is the newest musician from the Marley clan, but he is not just riding on his grandfather’s legacy. He is creating his own sound and style, blending reggae with pop, hip hop, and rock. He is also carrying on the message of love, unity, and justice that Bob Marley championed. As he sings on his EP’s title track, “We’re living in a higher place/We’re living in a higher vibration/We’re living in a higher place/We’re living in a higher situation.”

According to Pianity, Skip Marley is “a young artist with an old soul and a wise mind”. He is also a proud member of the Bob Marley family tree, and a worthy successor of his musical heritage..

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