Is Seth Rollins related to CM Punk? The truth behind their heated rivalry

Seth Rollins and CM Punk are two of the most popular and successful wrestlers in the history of WWE. They have both won multiple championships, headlined major events, and entertained millions of fans with their charisma and skills. But are they related by blood or by any other means? The answer is no, they are not related at all. However, they do have a history of animosity and conflict that dates back to several years ago. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind their feud, the potential of a dream match between them, and the current status of their relationship.

The Shield vs CM Punk

The first time Seth Rollins and CM Punk crossed paths was in 2012, when Rollins debuted on the main roster as part of The Shield, a faction that also included Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. The Shield was a group of vigilantes who claimed to fight for justice and against injustice in WWE. They targeted several top stars, including CM Punk, who was the WWE Champion at the time.

The Shield interfered in several of Punk’s matches, helping him retain his title against the likes of Ryback, John Cena, and The Rock. However, Punk denied any involvement or alliance with The Shield, and claimed that he was not aware of their motives. The Shield also denied working for Punk, and said that they were acting on their own.

The tension between Punk and The Shield escalated when they attacked him on Raw in January 2013, after he lost his title to The Rock at Royal Rumble. Punk confronted them backstage and demanded an explanation, but they refused to give him one. Punk then challenged them to a match at TLC, where he would face all three members of The Shield in a handicap match.

Punk managed to defeat The Shield at TLC, despite being outnumbered and outmatched. He pinned Rollins after hitting him with a GTS (Go To Sleep). This was the first time The Shield suffered a loss as a team in WWE. Punk celebrated his victory by mocking Rollins’ signature pose.

The Twitter war

The next time Seth Rollins and CM Punk interacted was in 2019, when Punk made a surprise appearance on WWE Backstage, a studio show on Fox that analyzed and discussed WWE news and events. Punk joined the show as an analyst, but he did not sign a contract with WWE. He was working for Fox Sports, and had no obligations or commitments to WWE.

Punk’s return to WWE-related programming sparked a lot of speculation and excitement among fans and wrestlers alike. Many hoped that he would eventually return to the ring as well. One of them was Seth Rollins, who took to Twitter to challenge Punk to a match at WrestleMania.

Rollins tweeted “@CMPunk Fight me.” He followed it up with several other tweets, calling Punk a “coward” and asking him to “stop hiding behind the desk.” He also said that he wanted to make WrestleMania “interesting again.”

Punk did not respond directly to Rollins’ tweets, but he did address them on WWE Backstage. He said that Rollins should stop tweeting and focus on his work. He also advised him to delete his Twitter account. He said that Rollins was not making any sense, and that he was not interested in fighting him.

Punk’s comments did not sit well with Rollins, who continued to call him out on social media and in interviews. He said that Punk was afraid to face him, and that he was hiding behind Fox Sports. He also said that Punk was not the same person he used to be, and that he had lost his edge.

The current situation

The Twitter war between Seth Rollins and CM Punk died down after a while, as both men moved on to other things. Rollins turned heel (became a villain) in late 2019, and formed a new faction called The Monday Night Messiah. He feuded with Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Murphy, and others. He also became a father in 2020, when his fiancée Becky Lynch gave birth to their daughter Roux.

Punk left WWE Backstage in early 2020, after the show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has not appeared on any wrestling-related shows since then. He has focused on his other projects, such as acting, writing comic books, and hosting a horror movie podcast.

In 2021, CM Punk made headlines again when he debuted on AEW All Out, a rival promotion of WWE. He received a huge ovation from the fans, who chanted his name and welcomed him back to wrestling. He cut an emotional promo (speech), where he said that he left WWE because he was sick of the politics and the environment there. He said that he came to AEW because he wanted to have fun and work with the young and talented wrestlers there.

Seth Rollins reacted to Punk’s AEW debut in an interview with Sports Illustrated. He said that he was happy for Punk, and that he respected his decision to join AEW. He also said that he had no hard feelings towards him, and that he was grateful for what Punk did for his career. He said that Punk helped him out a lot when he was starting out, and that he learned a lot from him. However, he also said that they were not on the same page anymore, and that he was not a fan of Punk’s attitude and actions.

So, is Seth Rollins related to CM Punk? No, they are not. They are two wrestlers who have a history of rivalry and conflict, but also of respect and admiration. They have both achieved great things in their careers, and have influenced many others. They have also both made their own choices, and followed their own paths. They may never face each other in the ring again, but they will always be linked by their passion and love for wrestling.

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