Is Robin Allen Related to Snoop Dogg? The Truth Behind the Family Ties

If you are a fan of hip-hop music, you might have heard of the names Robin Allen and Snoop Dogg. But did you know that they are actually cousins? Yes, you heard it right; the American rapper, singer, and actress Robin Allen, who goes by the stage name Lady of Rage, is related to Snoop Dogg. Here is everything you need to know about their family ties and musical careers.

Who is Robin Allen?

Robin Allen, also known as the Lady of Rage, was born on February 6, 1968, in Farmville, Virginia. She started her rap career in the late 1980s as a member of the Original Outlaw Brothers, a group from Queens, New York. She later moved to Los Angeles and joined the L.A. Posse, a production team that worked with LL Cool J and other artists.

In 1991, she met Chubb Rock and recorded a track with him called “Bring Em Home Safe” under the name of Rockin’ Robin. She also caught the attention of Dr. Dre, who signed her to his label Death Row Records. She appeared on several tracks on Dr. Dre’s 1992 album The Chronic, and on Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle in 1993.

She released her debut solo album, Necessary Roughness, in 1997, which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard R&B Album chart and 32 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. She left Death Row Records in 1998 and focused on her acting career. She appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as Next Friday, The Steve Harvey Show, Kenan & Kel, and Judas and the Black Messiah.

She also collaborated with Snoop Dogg on several songs over the years, such as “Set It Off”, “Unfucwitable”, and “Batman & Robin”. She is widely regarded as one of the most skillful female MCs in hip-hop history.

Who is Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., was born on October 20, 1971, in Long Beach, California. He started rapping in his teenage years and joined a group called 213 with his cousins Nate Dogg and Warren G. He was discovered by Dr. Dre in 1992 and featured on his album The Chronic.

He released his debut solo album, Doggystyle, in 1993, which became a huge success and established him as one of the most influential rappers of all time. He has since released 18 studio albums and sold over 37 million records worldwide. He has also ventured into other genres of music, such as reggae, funk, gospel, and R&B.

He has also starred in numerous movies and TV shows, such as The Wash, Training Day, Starsky & Hutch, Soul Plane, Bones, Baby Boy, Scary Movie 5, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, Coach Snoop, and The Joker’s Wild. He has also been involved in various business ventures, such as cannabis products, clothing lines, video games, podcasts, and sports leagues.

He is known for his laid-back personality, his distinctive voice and style of rap delivery, his advocacy for marijuana legalization, and his philanthropic work.

Robin Allen and Snoop Dogg are cousins through their mothers’ side. According to an interview with VladTV in 2016 , Allen revealed that her mother and Snoop’s mother are first cousins. She said that she met Snoop when she moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and they instantly bonded over their love for music.

She said that they have a close relationship and that they often call each other to check up on each other. She also said that they have a lot of respect for each other’s talents and achievements.

She said that she considers Snoop as her big brother and that he has always supported her throughout her career. She said that he was the one who encouraged her to rap on “Afro Puffs”, her hit single from the soundtrack to Above the Rim . She also said that he was the one who gave her the nickname “The Lady of Rage”.

She said that she is proud of being related to Snoop Dogg and that she loves him dearly.


Robin Allen and Snoop Dogg are two of the most iconic figures in hip-hop history. They are also cousins who share a strong bond of family and music. They have collaborated on several songs over the years and have inspired each other to pursue their dreams.

They are both legends in their own right and have made a lasting impact on the culture and the industry.

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