Is Reba Related to Loretta Lynn? The Truth Behind Their Friendship

Reba McEntire and Loretta Lynn are two of the most prominent ladies in country music. Often spotted together, fans wonder if the two are related. Is Reba related to Loretta Lynn? The answer is no, they are not related by blood, but they are lifelong friends who share a deep bond.

How Reba and Loretta Met

Reba first met Loretta when she was just 11 years old. McEntire asked Lynn for an autograph at one of her performances at an Ada, Oklahoma rodeo. She had grown up listening to Lynn and looked up to her as someone who gave her courage and inspiration.

She was the ideal for Reba — confident, talented, nobody’s fool and a woman who stood up for herself in her songs. – Reba McEntire

Reba said she was flattered by the comparison to her friend and mentor Loretta. She also revealed that she whipped off her belt for her to sign, and wished she still had that belt.

How Reba and Loretta Became Friends

The two, with an age difference of about 23 years, had a close friendship for over five decades. They supported each other through their personal and professional challenges, and celebrated their achievements together.

Loretta was also a fan of Reba’s music and talent. She said:

I’ve caught myself trying to learn things from her — anybody that didn’t try to learn something from Reba, they don’t know much! – Loretta Lynn

Reba paid tribute to Loretta in song at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2003, where she sang “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough”. The smile on Loretta’s face showed how much she appreciated her friend’s gesture.

How Reba and Loretta Mourned Each Other

Sadly, Loretta Lynn passed away on October 4, 2022, at 90. She died of natural causes in her sleep at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Reba was among the celebrities to pay tribute to the country legend.

She said that Loretta was like a mother figure to her. Both were strong women loving and loyal to their children and were in heaven. Reba further expressed her love and appreciation towards the legendary musician.

Reba McEntire remembers Loretta Lynn. (Source: Fox News)

Loretta had also mourned the loss of Reba’s band members in a plane crash in 1991. She said she felt like she had lost her own family, and prayed for Reba’s strength and comfort.


Reba McEntire and Loretta Lynn were not related by blood, but they were more than friends. They were sisters in spirit, who shared a passion for country music and a respect for each other. Their friendship was one of the most beautiful and enduring in the history of music.

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