Is Raquel Gonzalez Related to the Giant Gonzalez?

Raquel Gonzalez is one of the most dominant female wrestlers in WWE’s NXT brand. She is the current NXT Women’s Champion and has defeated some of the best competitors in the division, such as Io Shirai, Ember Moon and Mercedes Martinez. But is she related to another famous wrestler who shared her last name and was also known for his impressive size? Is Raquel Gonzalez related to the Giant Gonzalez, the 8-foot tall monster who battled The Undertaker at WrestleMania IX?

The Answer: No

The short answer is no, Raquel Gonzalez and Giant Gonzalez are not related by blood. They both hail from different countries and have different backgrounds. Raquel Gonzalez was born in La Feria, Texas, United States, on January 12, 1991. She is of Mexican descent and grew up watching wrestling with her father, who was also a wrestler

Giant Gonzalez, on the other hand, was born in El Colorado, Formosa, Argentina, on January 31, 1966. He suffered from gigantism and reached a height of 7 feet 7 inches by adulthood. He was a basketball player before becoming a wrestler and was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1988. He never played in the NBA, but he was offered a job as a wrestler by Ted Turner, who owned both the Hawks and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He debuted as El Gigante in WCW in 1990 and later joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1993 as Giant Gonzalez. He retired from wrestling in 1995 due to health issues and passed away in 2010 from complications of diabetes and heart problems

The Confusion: The Name

So why do some people think that Raquel Gonzalez and Giant Gonzalez are related? The main reason is probably their shared surname, which is a common one in Spanish-speaking countries. However, not everyone who has the same last name is necessarily related, especially when they come from different regions.

Another possible reason for the confusion is that Raquel Gonzalez has acknowledged Giant Gonzalez as one of her inspirations and influences in wrestling. In an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2021, she said that she looked up to him as a fellow giant and wanted to honor his legacy. She also revealed that she met him once when she was a child and he gave her an autograph

The Conclusion: Respect

Raquel Gonzalez and Giant Gonzalez may not be related by blood, but they share a bond of respect and admiration for each other’s achievements in wrestling. They both overcame challenges and obstacles to make their mark in the industry and inspire fans around the world with their incredible size and strength. They are both giants in their own right, but they are not family.

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