Is Rapunzel Related to Anna and Elsa? The Frozen-Tangled Theory Explained

Disney fans love to find connections between their favorite movies, and sometimes they come up with some intriguing theories. One of the most popular ones is that Rapunzel, the heroine of Tangled, is actually a cousin of Anna and Elsa, the sisters from Frozen. But is there any truth to this claim, or is it just a coincidence? Let’s take a look at the evidence and see if we can unravel this tangled mystery.

The Cameo

The first clue that sparked this theory was a brief cameo appearance by Rapunzel and her husband Eugene (formerly known as Flynn Rider) in Frozen. During the song “For the First Time in Forever”, when Anna runs out of the castle to greet the guests for Elsa’s coronation, we can spot Rapunzel and Eugene among the crowd. They are wearing their outfits from the end of Tangled, which means that Frozen takes place after Tangled.

This cameo suggests that Rapunzel and Eugene are somehow important enough to be invited to a royal event in another kingdom. Some fans speculated that they might be related to Anna and Elsa, either by blood or by marriage.

The Family Resemblance

Another piece of evidence that supports this theory is the physical resemblance between some of the characters. Specifically, Rapunzel’s mother, the Queen of Corona, looks very similar to Elsa and Anna’s father, the King of Arendelle. They both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and similar facial features. Could they be siblings?

The Queen of Corona and the King of Arendelle (Image source:

If they are siblings, that would make Rapunzel and Elsa cousins, and explain why they both have magical abilities related to their hair. It would also explain why Elsa and Anna’s parents were traveling to Rapunzel’s wedding when their ship sank, as confirmed by Frozen co-director Jennifer Lee in a Reddit AMA.

The Timeline

The final piece of evidence that ties this theory together is the timeline of the events. According to, Frozen was released three years after Tangled, which matches the time gap between Rapunzel’s wedding and Elsa’s coronation. This means that Rapunzel cut her hair three years before Elsa became queen, which is why her hair is short and brown in Frozen.

This also means that Rapunzel was born around the same time as Elsa, since they are both 21 years old in their respective movies. Anna, on the other hand, is three years younger than Elsa, which makes her 18 in Frozen.

The Conclusion

So, is Rapunzel related to Anna and Elsa? Based on the evidence we have seen, it is possible that she is their cousin through their father’s side. However, this is not an official confirmation by Disney, and it could be just a fun fan theory that has no bearing on the actual story. Until Disney decides to address this question in a future movie or show, we can only speculate and enjoy the connections we find between our favorite characters.

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