Is Quiet Related to the End? The Mysterious Connection Between Two Snipers

Metal Gear Solid is a series of stealth action games that feature a complex and intricate story involving various characters, factions, and themes. One of the recurring elements in the series is the use of snipers, who are often portrayed as formidable and mysterious opponents. Two of the most notable snipers in the series are The End and Quiet, who appear in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, respectively. These two characters have some striking similarities and differences, and some fans have speculated that they might be related in some way. In this article, we will explore the possible connection between The End and Quiet, and examine their backgrounds, abilities, and roles in the story.

Who is The End?

The End is a legendary sniper who was a member of the Cobra Unit, an elite special forces group that fought alongside The Boss during World War II. He was born in the late 19th century, and was considered to be the father of modern sniping. He was also a master of camouflage, and could blend in with any environment. He had a unique ability to photosynthesize, which allowed him to survive for long periods of time without food or water. He also had a pet parrot that he used as a spotter and companion.

The End was one of the main antagonists in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which took place in 1964 during the Cold War. He was sent to Tselinoyarsk, a region in the Soviet Union, to assist Colonel Volgin in his coup d’etat against Khrushchev. He faced off against Naked Snake, the protagonist of the game, in a tense and prolonged sniper battle that spanned across several areas of the jungle. The End was eventually defeated by Snake, either by being shot or by dying of old age.

Who is Quiet?

Quiet is a mysterious sniper who was a member of XOF, a rogue faction of Cipher, an organization that sought to control the world through information warfare. She was born in the late 20th century, and was originally a female assassin who worked for Cipher. She was sent to kill Big Boss, the legendary soldier who was the leader of Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF), a private military company that opposed Cipher’s agenda. She failed in her mission, and was captured by MSF. She was then subjected to torture and experimentation by Skull Face, the leader of XOF, who implanted her with parasites that gave her enhanced abilities.

Quiet gained superhuman speed, strength, agility, and durability from the parasites. She also gained the ability to become invisible and intangible at will, as well as to manipulate sound waves. She lost her ability to speak, however, as doing so would trigger the parasites to spread and kill her and anyone around her. She also lost her need for food or water, as she could absorb them through her skin. She only needed sunlight to survive.

Quiet was one of the main allies in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which took place in 1984 during the Soviet-Afghan War. She was sent to Afghanistan by Skull Face to kill Venom Snake, the protagonist of the game, who was a body double of Big Boss. She failed again in her mission, and was captured by Venom Snake’s Diamond Dogs, another private military company that succeeded MSF. She eventually developed a bond with Venom Snake, and became his partner and friend. She played a crucial role in helping Venom Snake stop Skull Face’s plan to unleash a global nuclear war. She also sacrificed herself to save Venom Snake from being infected by the parasites.

The question of whether The End and Quiet are related has been debated by many fans of the series. There are some arguments for and against this possibility.

Arguments For

  • They both have similar abilities to photosynthesize and survive without food or water.
  • They both have similar markings on their faces that fade away when they are exposed to sunlight.
  • They both have similar skills as snipers and masters of camouflage.
  • They both have similar personalities as silent and stoic warriors.
  • They both have similar roles as antagonists turned allies in their respective games.
  • They both have similar fates as dying or disappearing at the end of their respective games.

Arguments Against

  • They belong to different eras and factions that have no direct connection.
  • They have different origins and backgrounds that have no common link.
  • They have different reasons and motivations for their actions that have no shared goal.
  • They have different types of parasites that give them different abilities.
  • They have different relationships with their respective protagonists that have no parallel.


The question of whether The End and Quiet are related is ultimately up to interpretation. There is no definitive answer or evidence that confirms or denies this possibility. It is possible that they are related by blood, by fate, or by coincidence. It is also possible that they are not related at all, and that their similarities are merely superficial or coincidental. What matters is how the fans perceive and appreciate these two characters, and how they contribute to the rich and complex story of Metal Gear Solid.

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