Is Queen Latifah Related to Pearl Bailey? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Queen Latifah is a multi-talented actress, singer, rapper, producer and author who has won numerous awards and accolades for her work. She is also known for her resemblance to another legendary singer and actress, Pearl Bailey. But are they related in any way? Here’s what we found out.

Who is Pearl Bailey?

Pearl Bailey was born on March 29, 1918 in Newport News, Virginia. She started her career as a singer and dancer in Philadelphia’s black nightclubs in the 1930s, and soon moved to New York where she performed with Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington. She made her Broadway debut in 1946 in St. Louis Woman, and won a Tony Award for her role in the all-black production of Hello, Dolly! in 1968. She also appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as Carmen Jones, Porgy and Bess, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Muppet Show. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. She died on August 17, 1990 at the age of 72.

Who is Queen Latifah?

Queen Latifah was born on March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey. Her real name is Dana Owens, but she adopted the stage name Queen Latifah, meaning “delicate and sensitive” in Arabic, when she was a teenager. She started her career as a rapper and became one of the first female MCs to gain mainstream success. She also branched out into singing, acting, producing and writing. She has starred in movies such as Chicago, Hairspray, The Secret Life of Bees and Bessie, for which she won an Emmy Award. She has also released several albums, such as All Hail the Queen, Black Reign and The Dana Owens Album. She has won a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and several NAACP Image Awards. She is also a spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics and a supporter of various causes, such as breast cancer awareness, LGBT rights and education.

According to our research, there is no evidence that Queen Latifah and Pearl Bailey are related by blood or marriage. Pearl Bailey had no children of her own, although she adopted two: Tony Bellson and Dee Dee Bellson. Queen Latifah’s parents are Rita Owens and Lancelot Owens Sr., and she has a brother named Lancelot Owens Jr. There is no indication that they have any connection to Pearl Bailey’s family.

However, Queen Latifah has expressed her admiration for Pearl Bailey and her desire to play her in a biopic someday. In fact, some fans have noticed their striking resemblance and have tweeted about it. For example, one user wrote:

@IAMQUEENLATIFAH @HenryLouisGates and @PBS It would be shocking if he found out you were related to the late Pearl Bailey.

Queen Latifah replied:

I would love that! RT @HenryLouisGates: @IAMQUEENLATIFAH You look so much like Pearl Bailey! Have you ever thought of playing her?

So while they are not related by blood or marriage, they are certainly related by spirit and talent.


Queen Latifah and Pearl Bailey are two amazing singers and actresses who have made their mark on the entertainment industry. They share some physical features and some musical styles, but they are not related by blood or marriage. However, they have a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work, and Queen Latifah hopes to honor Pearl Bailey’s legacy by portraying her on screen someday.

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