Is Page Turner Related to Egypt Sherrod? The Truth Behind the HGTV Stars’ Similarities

Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod are two of the most popular hosts on HGTV, the home and garden television network. They both have successful careers in real estate and home renovation, and they both have charming personalities and southern accents. But do they also share a family bond? Many fans have wondered if Page Turner is related to Egypt Sherrod, as they look very similar and have similar mannerisms. Here’s what we found out about their relationship and their careers.

Despite their physical resemblance and the assumptions made by fans, Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod are not related to each other. Page confirmed in an interview with Reality Titbit that they are “only related through our HGTV family.” This statement indicates that they share a professional connection or work together on projects related to HGTV, but they do not share a biological connection.

They may have some similarities in the way they talk and look, but there is nothing more to it than that. In fact, back in 2018, one Twitter user by the name of @ThaKingzLane wrote, “OK, I don’t think Page Turner is acting like Egypt Sherrod. I do think that b/c they’re both southern women they have near-identical mannerisms.”

They may face comparisons all the time, but it doesn’t mean they have identical lifestyles or careers whatsoever. Despite the fact that Page and Egypt are constantly being compared, the two women seem to be on good terms. In fact, they both follow each other on Instagram.

Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod have different backgrounds

Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod may both be successful women in the real estate and home renovation industry, but they have different backgrounds and experiences that shaped their careers.

Page Turner is an entrepreneur, principal broker, owner of multiple real estate firms, business development coach and vision strategist. She has a reported net worth above $1.5 million thanks to her many streams of income. She is also the host of Fix My Flip on HGTV, where she helps struggling flippers turn their projects around and make a profit. She is married to DeRon Jenkins, a former NFL player and her partner in flipping houses.

Egypt Sherrod is a television and radio personality, author, speaker and home space expert. She has a net worth of $6 million thanks to her diverse career. She is the host of several HGTV shows such as Flipping Virgins, Property Virgins, and Married to Real Estate. She is also the founder of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group and the Egypt Cares Family Foundation. She is married to Mike Jackson, a DJ and producer who goes by the name DJ Fadelf.

Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod are both inspiring women

Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod may not be related, but they are both inspiring women who have achieved a lot in their fields. They are both passionate about real estate and home renovation, and they both use their platforms to educate, entertain and empower others. They are both role models for women who want to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

Page Turner once said in an interview with, “I love being able to help people achieve their goals through real estate whether it’s buying their first home or flipping their first property.”

Egypt Sherrod once said in an interview with Essence, “I want people to know that I’m not just a TV personality who decided to get into real estate. I’m a real estate expert who decided to get into TV.”

So, there you have it. Page Turner and Egypt Sherrod are not related, but they are both amazing women who deserve recognition for their work and achievements. They are both part of the HGTV family, but they also have their own unique stories and personalities. They are both page turners in their own right.

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