Is Olivia Munn Pregnant? Rumors Spark As She Is Seen In Baggy Sweats

Olivia Munn was recently spotted out in a solo outing back in Los Angeles. There is no denying that she is extremely gorgeous and looks good in everything. But wait do you too think she is pregnant? Well, stay tuned to know all about it, just here.

Olivia Munn In Baggy Clothes

The star Olvia Munn who is currently dating John Mulaney is seen extremely happy in her new relationship. They both look great together. Well, a few months back in June she was suspected to be pregnant. But honestly, those were just plain rumors. But recently again her baggy casual styling again hinted to her fans that she might be pregnant.

Olivia Munn is currently living along with her boyfriend, John Mulaney in Los Angeles. Olivia who is just 41 years old, wore a casual pair of classic baggy tan sweatpants, a simple yet perfect-looking black crewneck sweatshirt and she paired this along with shiny red sandals. The whole look was topped off with glasses and an ordinary black face mask. She was spotted solo with her phone in one hand walking along with a parking garage.

Is Olivia Munn Pregnant?

Soon after Olivia was spotted in those baggy clothes, Twitter was filled with so many tweets related to Olivia showing a baby bump. Well, people are speculating the star to be pregnant. The photos make her tummy look quite large and thus people are claiming she might be pregnant with Mulaney’s child.

Back in June a TikTok video also made Olivia Munn look pregnant. Well back then the star confirmed she is not pregnant but now the rumors are back again. Now many in Twitter obviously overreacted a lot. Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are yet not married, so creating a drama over her baggy clothes and not real baby bump was quite obvious. According to us, if Olivia is pregnant, she will definitely let the media know as she has been really open about her relationship with Mulaney these past years. As for now, we do think she is not pregnant and the baby bump is just occurring because of baggy clothes.

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney’s Relationship

Olivia Munn has been with Mulaney for a couple of years now. She has been very straight about her relationship for all these years. When asked, she said both of them have known each other pretty well even before coming into a relationship. They had attended quite a number of weddings together and ever since those meets, they both started to develop closeness.

In fact, some internal resources say, Olivia, has been obsessed with John before coming into a relationship. She always showed intense interest in him. During wedding parties, the couple used to talk a bit, and thus little by little the love story started. Mulaney started dating Olivia soon after his separation from his earlier relationship. After the relationship, the couple has grown a lot and so is their love. Both look adorable together and fans will be really amazed if this pair ties the knot and soon gets married.

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