Is Nepheli Loux Related to Hoarah Loux? The Truth Behind the Badlands Chieftains

Elden Ring is a game full of mysteries and secrets, and one of them is the possible connection between two of its characters: Nepheli Loux and Hoarah Loux. Both of them are warriors from the Badlands, a harsh and barren region of the Lands Between. Both of them wield axes as their weapons of choice, and both of them have a role in the game’s story and lore. But are they related by blood? And what is their history and motivation? In this article, we will explore the evidence and theories that suggest that Nepheli Loux and Hoarah Loux are more than just fellow Tarnished.

Who is Nepheli Loux?

Nepheli Loux is a Tarnished warrior who was adopted by Gideon Ofnir, the leader of Roundtable Hold and one of the six Elden Lords. According to Fextralife1, she was ordered by her foster father to kill Godrick the Grafted, another Elden Lord who betrayed his oath and became corrupted by the Golden Order. She can be found in Stormveil Castle, where she offers to help the player in the battle against Godrick. She can also be summoned for other boss fights, such as Godfrey, First Elden Lord and Omenkiller.

Nepheli Loux has a questline that can be completed by following her to different locations and talking to her. Depending on the player’s choices, she can either become the ruler of Limgrave, the kingdom of Godrick, or disappear after failing to fulfill her father’s orders. She can also be killed by the player at any point, dropping her unique weapon, the Stormhawk Axe.

Who is Hoarah Loux?

Hoarah Loux is the true name of Godfrey, First Elden Lord, who was Queen Marika’s first consort and thus the first ruler of the Lands Between. Before becoming an Elden Lord, he was a chieftain of the Badlands and a bloodthirsty warrior who led his clan in countless battles. He wielded a broken axe that he never replaced, and his loyal warriors honored him by using axes as well. According to Fandom, he took the Beast Regent Serosh upon his back after committing to his role as a Lord in order to suppress his violent urges.

However, after fighting many wars for Marika, he and his warriors were deprived of their grace by the Queen, marking them as the first Tarnished. This caused him to resent Marika and seek revenge against her and her heirs. He is the final boss of Leyndell, Ashen Capital, where he guards the entrance to the Erdtree itself. He has two phases: in the first one, he fights as Godfrey with Serosh on his back; in the second one, he transforms into Hoarah Loux, his true form.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the game does not explicitly confirm or deny their relation. However, there are some clues and hints that suggest that they might be related by blood. Here are some of them:

  • They share the same surname, Loux, which is uncommon among other characters in the game. This could indicate that they belong to the same clan or family from the Badlands.
  • They have similar physical features, such as blonde hair and blue eyes. They also wear similar clothing and armor, resembling the starting Hero class.
  • They have similar fighting styles and preferences, favoring axes as their weapons and using aggressive and brutal attacks.
  • They have similar personalities and motivations, being proud and loyal warriors who follow their orders or oaths. They also have a sense of honor and respect for their enemies.
  • They have a connection to Godfrey’s kingdom, Limgrave. Nepheli can become its ruler if she kills Godrick and completes her questline; Hoarah was its founder and original ruler before becoming an Elden Lord.
  • They have a connection to Godfrey’s son, Gideon Ofnir. Nepheli is his adopted daughter and his agent; Hoarah is his biological father and his enemy.

Based on these clues, it is possible that Nepheli Loux and Hoarah Loux are father and daughter, or at least distant relatives. This would add more depth and drama to their stories and interactions in the game. However, this is not confirmed by any official source or dialogue in the game, so it remains a speculation until further evidence or confirmation is revealed.


Nepheli Loux and Hoarah Loux are two intriguing characters in Elden Ring who share many similarities and connections. While there is no definitive proof that they are related by blood, there are some clues and hints that suggest that they might be. Whether they are or not, they are both important and influential figures in the game’s lore and world, and their actions and choices have a significant impact on the fate of the Lands Between.

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