Is Nepheli Loux Related to Godfrey? The Truth Behind the Warrior’s Lineage

Nepheli Loux is a warrior and fellow tarnished who appears as an NPC and a summon in Elden Ring. She is one of the most intriguing characters in the game, as she claims to be the daughter of Godfrey, the first Elden Lord and consort of Queen Marika. But is she really related to him, or is there more to her story than meets the eye? In this article, we will explore the possible origins and connections of Nepheli Loux, based on the information available from the game and its lore.

Nepheli Loux: The Adopted Daughter of Gideon Ofnir

Nepheli Loux can be first encountered at Stormveil Castle, where she offers her help in fighting Godrick the Grafted, a former knight of Queen Marika who has been corrupted by the Elden Ring. She reveals that she was ordered by decree from her adoptive father, Gideon Ofnir, to kill and dethrone Godrick. Gideon Ofnir is the leader of Roundtable Hold, a faction of tarnished who seek to claim the Elden Ring for themselves. He is also one of the main antagonists of the game, as he opposes the player’s quest to restore the Lands Between.

Nepheli Loux seems to have a complicated relationship with Gideon Ofnir, as she expresses doubts about his motives and methods. She also questions his claim to be the rightful heir of Queen Marika, as he believes himself to be her long-lost son. Nepheli Loux does not share his ambition to become an Elden Lord, and instead wishes to find her true identity and purpose.

Nepheli Loux: The Possible Daughter of Hoarah Loux

Nepheli Loux’s name and appearance suggest that she is not really the daughter of Godfrey, but instead of his persona as Hoarah Loux, the chieftain of the badlands and a bloodthirsty warrior. Before becoming an Elden Lord, Godfrey was known as Hoarah Loux, and he led a band of savage fighters who raided and pillaged the Lands Between. He was also one of Queen Marika’s lovers, and he accepted her offer to become her first consort and share her grace.

However, Godfrey soon realized that his violent nature was incompatible with his new role as a Lord. He took the Beast Regent Serosh upon his back in order to suppress his urges, but he also became distant and aloof from his people. He fought countless wars for Queen Marika, until she decided to deprive him and his warriors of their grace, marking them as the first tarnished. This caused Godfrey to revert back to his old self as Hoarah Loux, and he swore vengeance against Marika and her other consorts.

It is possible that Nepheli Loux is the result of an affair between Hoarah Loux and another woman, either before or after he became an Elden Lord. She may have inherited his warrior spirit and his physical features, such as his blonde hair and blue eyes. She may also have some connection to the badlands, where Hoarah Loux originated from. However, it is unclear how she ended up being adopted by Gideon Ofnir, or why he sent her to kill Godrick.

Nepheli Loux: The Warrior Who Can Change The Fate Of The Lands Between

Nepheli Loux is not only a potential daughter of Hoarah Loux, but also a potential ruler of Limgrave, one of the six regions of the Lands Between. Limgrave is a land of storms and lightning, where the Storm King reigns supreme. The Storm King is another former consort of Queen Marika, who became obsessed with harnessing the power of thunder. He also became corrupted by the Elden Ring, and turned into a monstrous creature called Stormveil.

Nepheli Loux can help the player in defeating Stormveil at Stormveil Castle, where she reveals that she has a claim to the throne of Limgrave. She says that she has a birthmark on her chest that resembles a lightning bolt, which is a sign of royal blood in Limgrave. She also says that she feels a connection to the land and its people, who are suffering under Stormveil’s tyranny.

If the player agrees to support Nepheli Loux’s claim, they can crown her as the new ruler of Limgrave at Stormveil Castle. This will trigger a cutscene where Nepheli Loux thanks the player for their help, and vows to restore peace and prosperity to Limgrave. She will also give the player a gift: a unique weapon called Stormhawk Axe , which is imbued with lightning damage.

Nepheli Loux can also assist the player in other boss fights, such as Godfrey, First Elden Lord and Omenkiller. She can be summoned by using her golden sign, which can be found outside the boss arenas. She can also be summoned by using the Nepheli Loux Puppet Ashes, which allow the player to call upon a puppet version of Nepheli Loux for aid in battle.

Nepheli Loux is a warrior who can change the fate of the Lands Between, depending on the player’s choices. She can either become a loyal ally and a benevolent ruler, or a bitter enemy and a fallen tarnished. She can also uncover the truth behind her lineage, and discover if she is really related to Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

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