Is Mimi Rogers Related to Roy Rogers? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Mimi Rogers is a famous American actress who has starred in over 50 films and numerous TV shows. She is best known for her roles in The Rapture, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Lost in Space, and The X-Files. She is also the ex-wife of Tom Cruise and the current wife of Chris Ciaffa

Roy Rogers was a legendary American singer, actor, and TV host who was dubbed the “King of the Cowboys”. He appeared in over 100 films and TV episodes, mostly in the Western genre. He was also known for his partnership with his wife Dale Evans, his horse Trigger, and his dog Bullet. He died in 1998 at the age of 86

But are Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers related? This is a question that many fans have wondered about, especially since they share the same surname and have both worked in the entertainment industry. The answer, however, is no. Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers are not related by blood or by marriage.

How Did the Rumor Start?

The rumor that Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers are related probably started because of their common last name and their similar careers. However, Rogers is not their original surname. Mimi Rogers was born as Miriam Spickler, while Roy Rogers was born as Leonard Slye. They both changed their names when they entered show business.

Mimi Rogers adopted her stage name from her first husband, Jim Rogers, whom she married in 1976 and divorced in 1980. She kept his surname even after she remarried twice, first to Tom Cruise in 1987 and then to Chris Ciaffa in 2003

Roy Rogers changed his name in 1938, when he signed a contract with Republic Pictures. The studio wanted him to have a more catchy and memorable name than Leonard Slye. They suggested several options, such as Dick Weston, Jack Carson, and Art Merrick, but he rejected them all. Finally, they came up with Roy Rogers, which he liked because it sounded like a cowboy name. He legally changed his name in 1942

What Is Their Connection?

Although Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers are not related, they do have some connections. For one thing, they both have ties to Scientology. Mimi Rogers was raised as a Scientologist by her father, who was an auditor and a founding member of the church. She introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology when they were married, but she later left the religion after their divorce

Roy Rogers was not a Scientologist himself, but he had some friends who were involved with the church. One of them was John Travolta, who played him in a biographical TV movie called The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story in 1990. Travolta was a devout Scientologist and a close friend of Tom Cruise. He also admired Roy Rogers as a childhood hero and wanted to honor his legacy

Another connection between Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers is that they both have worked with Clint Eastwood. Mimi Rogers co-starred with Eastwood in the thriller Tightrope in 1984, playing a prostitute who becomes his love interest Roy Rogers appeared with Eastwood in an episode of Rawhide in 1960, playing a rancher who hires him as a trail boss.


Mimi Rogers and Roy Rogers are two famous actors who share a common surname but are not related by blood or by marriage. They both changed their names when they entered show business and have had successful careers in film and TV. They also have some connections through Scientology and Clint Eastwood, but they never met or worked together directly.

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