Is Melissa Knowles Related to Beyonce Knowles? The Truth Behind the Surname

Many people have wondered if Melissa Knowles, the popular TV host and reporter, is related to Beyonce Knowles, the superstar singer and actress. After all, they share the same last name and both hail from Houston, Texas. Could they be distant cousins or long-lost sisters? The answer is no. Melissa Knowles and Beyonce Knowles are not related in any way, shape, or form. They are simply two successful women who happen to have the same surname.

Who is Melissa Knowles?

Melissa Knowles is a correspondent for “Morning Express with Robin Meade” on HLN, based in Atlanta. She joined the network in 2017, after working as a host for Yahoo!, where she covered various topics such as entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and news. She also worked as a correspondent for BET News and a sideline reporter for Fox Sports and ESPN. She has a degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University and is married to Scott Bernstein, a producer and director.

Who is Beyonce Knowles?

Beyonce Knowles is one of the most influential and acclaimed artists of all time. She rose to fame as a member of Destiny’s Child, one of the best-selling girl groups in history. She then launched a solo career that has earned her 32 Grammy Awards, 26 MTV Video Music Awards, and countless other accolades. She has also starred in several films, such as Dreamgirls, The Lion King, and Black Is King. She is married to Jay-Z, a rap mogul and entrepreneur, and they have three children: Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir.

Why do they have the same last name?

Knowles is a common surname that originates from England. It means “one who lives by a hilltop” or “one who lives by a knoll”. According to Ancestry.com1, there are over 100,000 people with the last name Knowles in the United States. It is possible that Melissa Knowles and Beyonce Knowles have some distant ancestors who share the same surname, but there is no evidence to suggest that they are closely related or have any direct connection.


Melissa Knowles and Beyonce Knowles are not related despite sharing the same last name. They are both talented and accomplished women who have made their mark in their respective fields. They may have some similarities in their backgrounds and interests, but they are not family members or relatives. They are simply two individuals who happen to have the same surname.

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