Is Maxi Iglesias Related to Julio Iglesias? The Truth Behind the Rumor

If you are a fan of Spanish actors and singers, you might have wondered if Maxi Iglesias, the star of Netflix’s Valeria, is related to Julio Iglesias, the legendary crooner and father of Enrique Iglesias. After all, they share the same surname and both have roots in Madrid. However, the truth is that Maxi and Julio are not related at all. Here’s why.

Different Family Trees

According to Wikipedia, Maxi Iglesias was born on February 6, 1991, in Madrid, where he studied at the Colegio Cardenal Spínola. He is the son of Mercedes Acevedo and Francisco Iglesias. Maxi’s maternal grandfather is named Teodoro Acevedo.

Julio Iglesias, on the other hand, was born on September 23, 1943, also in Madrid, where he studied law at the Complutense University. He is the son of Julio Iglesias Sr., a gynecologist, and María del Rosario de la Cueva y Perignat. Julio has eight siblings: Carlos, María Isabel, Juan Luis, José Luis, María del Carmen, María Dolores, Ana María and Ruth.

No Blood Relation

As you can see, there is no blood relation between Maxi and Julio. They do not share any common ancestors or relatives. Their surname Iglesias is very common in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. It means “churches” and it comes from the Latin word ecclesia. It was originally given to people who lived near a church or who worked for the church.

Different Career Paths

Maxi and Julio also have different career paths. Maxi started his acting career in 2005 in Hospital Central (Telecinco), then in Cuéntame cómo pasó and Amar en tiempos revueltos (La 1), Toledo, cruce de destinos and Los protegidos (Antena 3), and professionally shot to fame thanks to his performance as César Cabano in Física o química (Antena 3). He is currently starring as Victor in Valeria, a Netflix adaptation of the novels by Elísabet Benavent.

Julio started his singing career in 1968 after recovering from a car accident that ended his football aspirations. He has sold over 300 million records worldwide in 14 languages and has released more than 80 albums. He is one of the most successful Latin artists of all time and has won many awards, including a Grammy, a Latin Grammy and a World Music Award. He is also the father of nine children: Chabeli, Julio Jr., Enrique, Miguel Alejandro, Rodrigo, Cristina, Victoria, Guillermo and Anna.


Maxi Iglesias and Julio Iglesias are not related at all. They just happen to have the same surname and come from the same city. They have different family trees, different career paths and different personal lives. They are both talented and successful in their own ways, but they are not part of the same family.

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