Is Matt Ryan’s Wife Related to Arthur Blank? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Matt Ryan is the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, the NFL team owned by billionaire businessman Arthur Blank. Ryan has been married to Sarah Marshall Ryan since 2011, and they have three children together. But is there more to their relationship than meets the eye? Is Sarah Marshall Ryan related to Arthur Blank, the co-founder of The Home Depot and the owner of Atlanta United FC?

The Rumor

The rumor that Sarah Marshall Ryan is related to Arthur Blank has been circulating on the internet for a while, especially among fans of the Falcons and the United. Some claim that Sarah is Arthur’s niece, while others say she is his daughter from a previous marriage. The rumor is based on the fact that both Sarah and Arthur have the same last name, Marshall, as their middle name. Some also point out that Sarah and Arthur look alike, and that Arthur has been very supportive of Matt Ryan’s career.

The Truth

However, there is no evidence to support the rumor that Sarah Marshall Ryan is related to Arthur Blank. According to People, Sarah was born in Falmouth, Maine, in 1985, to parents who were both teachers. She has a brother named Chad, who is also a teacher. She met Matt Ryan at Boston College, where they both played basketball. They got engaged in 2010 and married in 2011.

Arthur Blank was born in Flushing, New York, in 1942, to parents who were Jewish immigrants from Belarus. He has an older brother named Michael, who is a neurologist. He graduated from Babson College and co-founded The Home Depot in 1978. He bought the Atlanta Falcons in 2002 and founded Atlanta United FC in 2014. He has been married three times and has six children from his first two marriages.

Sarah Marshall Ryan and Arthur Blank share the same middle name because it is a common surname in English-speaking countries. It is derived from a medieval occupational name for someone who tended horses or worked with iron. According to Ancestry, there are over 1.5 million people with the surname Marshall in the United States alone.

Sarah Marshall Ryan and Arthur Blank may look alike because they have similar facial features, such as blue eyes and blond hair. However, this does not mean they are biologically related, as these traits are influenced by many factors, such as genetics, environment, and lifestyle. According to Live Science, there are about 7 billion people on Earth, and each person has about 25,000 genes. This means that there are many possible combinations of genes that can produce similar physical characteristics.

Arthur Blank has been supportive of Matt Ryan’s career because he is the owner of the team that Ryan plays for, and he wants him to succeed. According to Forbes, Blank signed Ryan to a five-year contract extension worth $150 million in 2018, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history at the time. Blank has also praised Ryan for his leadership skills and his charitable work.


Therefore, based on the available information, it can be concluded that Sarah Marshall Ryan is not related to Arthur Blank. They are both connected by their involvement with the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, but they do not share any blood ties or family history. The rumor that they are related is false and based on speculation and coincidence.

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