Is Logan Related to Jason Aldean? The Truth About the Claim to Fame Star

Logan Crosby is a country singer who recently appeared on the ABC reality show Claim to Fame, where contestants had to guess each other’s celebrity relatives while hiding their own. Logan made it to the final two, but lost to Loreal Palmer, who correctly guessed that Logan’s famous cousin is none other than Jason Aldean, one of the biggest names in country music. But who is Logan Crosby and how is he related to Jason Aldean? Here are some facts you need to know.

Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean are Cousins

According to Hollywood Life, Logan Crosby is Jason Aldean’s cousin. They were close to each other from their early childhood and still share the bond, which Logan defines as much more like brothers. Logan’s full name is Logan Crosby, and he is a country star on the rise.

Logan revealed that Jason was very supportive of his participation in Claim to Fame and wished him luck before he went to film the show. He also said that Jason was one of his musical influences, along with Chris Stapleton, George Strait, and The Allman Brothers Band.

Logan Crosby is a TikTok Star

Logan has a large following on TikTok, where he posts funny videos and covers of songs. He has over 100,000 followers and his videos have amassed over 2.8 million likes. He also uses the platform to promote his own music and interact with his fans.

Logan recently released his first single “If Jesus Was A Cowboy” on July 15, 2022. He also teased a new song titled “If You Ask Me” on August 20. He hopes to pursue a career in both music and TV, as he told Newsweek²: “I’d love to be back on a TV screen very soon! I’m obviously a country music artist so I’m working on music, but I’ve made it known to my team that I want to continue to do TV and film, and they are super supportive of me in that so we will see!”

Logan Crosby Kept His Secret Well

Logan managed to keep his celebrity relative a secret until the very end of Claim to Fame, despite some clues that hinted at his connection to Jason Aldean. For example, he wore a palm leaf cowboy hat that resembled Jason’s signature style, and he sang a song by Jason during one of the challenges.

However, some fans were able to figure out his secret before the finale, based on some background information and social media posts. For instance, The Jameson on the Rocks podcast claimed that Logan and Jason are related based on their hometowns and family names. On Twitter, user @EmmaTolkin posted proof that they are cousins based on their Instagram photos. Even so, Logan did a good job of hiding his secret while advancing in the competition.

Logan Crosby Hopes to Duet with Jason Aldean

Logan has expressed his admiration for his cousin Jason Aldean and his desire to collaborate with him in the future. He told Newsweek: “My first memory of country music was going with my mom to the Milledgeville, Georgia K-Mart and buying a DVD Jason Aldean music video. He’s truly one of the best to do it and it would be a dream to do something with Jason!”

He also said that he thinks Jason would be proud of him for making it to the final two of Claim to Fame, even though he didn’t win. He said: “I didn’t win, but I think Jason would be proud.”

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