Is Lil Dicky Related to the Ball Brothers? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Lil Dicky is a popular rapper, comedian, and actor who has gained fame for his humorous songs and videos. He is also the creator and star of the hit TV show Dave, which is based on his life and rap career. But is he related to another famous group of entertainers, the Ball brothers?

The Ball brothers are Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo, three basketball players who have made headlines for their skills on the court and their outspoken father, LaVar. Lonzo plays for the Chicago Bulls, LiAngelo plays for the Charlotte Hornets’ G League team, and LaMelo plays for the Charlotte Hornets.

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor that Lil Dicky and the Ball brothers are related started as a joke on social media. Some fans noticed that Lil Dicky and Lonzo have a similar facial structure and hairstyle, and they began to make memes and jokes about them being cousins or brothers. Some examples are:

  • “Lonzo Ball is just Lil Dicky with a fade”
  • “Lil Dicky and Lonzo Ball look like they could be brothers”
  • “Lil Dicky is Lonzo Ball’s long lost brother”

The rumor was also fueled by Lil Dicky’s appearance on the show Ball in the Family, a reality show that follows the lives of the Ball family. In one episode, Lil Dicky visited the Ball house and met LaVar and his sons. He joked that he was their cousin and that he wanted to rap with them. He also played basketball with them and showed off his skills.

The Truth Behind the Rumor

Despite the jokes and memes, Lil Dicky and the Ball brothers are not related in any way. They are not cousins, brothers, or distant relatives. They are just friends who share some common interests and hobbies.

Lil Dicky’s real name is David Andrew Burd, and he was born on March 15, 1988, in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He is of Jewish descent and has a sister named Rachel. He attended Cheltenham High School and then graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in business.

The Ball brothers’ real names are Lonzo Anderson Ball, LiAngelo Robert Ball, and LaMelo LaFrance Ball. They were born on October 27, 1997, November 24, 1998, and August 22, 2001, respectively, in Anaheim, California. They are of African-American descent and have a sister named LaNaya. They attended Chino Hills High School and then pursued their basketball careers.

The Friendship Between Lil Dicky and the Ball Brothers

Lil Dicky and the Ball brothers are friends who have mutual respect and admiration for each other. They have collaborated on several occasions, such as:

  • Lil Dicky featured Lonzo on his song “We Made It”, which was released in 2017. The song is about celebrating their success and achievements in their respective fields.
  • Lil Dicky appeared on Lonzo’s podcast “Ball Talk with Lonzo Ball”, which was released in 2019. The two discussed their careers, music, basketball, and other topics.
  • Lil Dicky invited Lonzo to guest star on his show Dave, which aired in 2020. Lonzo played himself in one episode, where he met Lil Dicky at a party and gave him some advice.

Lil Dicky has also expressed his support for the Ball brothers on social media. He has praised their basketball skills, congratulated them on their achievements, and defended them from critics. He has also shown interest in working with them again in the future.


Lil Dicky and the Ball brothers are not related by blood or by marriage. They are just friends who have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company. They have collaborated on music, podcasts, and TV shows, and they have shown respect and appreciation for each other’s talents. They are both successful entertainers who have made their mark in their respective industries.

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