Is Larry Graham Related to Drake? The Surprising Family Connection Between the Funk Legend and the Rap Superstar

Drake is one of the most successful and influential rap artists of all time. He has won four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, 27 Billboard Music Awards, and holds several records on the Billboard charts. He is also known for his collaborations with other famous musicians, such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Jay-Z.

But did you know that Drake has a musical legacy in his family? His uncle is none other than Larry Graham, the legendary bassist and singer who played with Sly and the Family Stone and founded Graham Central Station. Larry Graham is widely credited with inventing the slapping technique on the electric bass guitar, which revolutionized the sound of funk music.

Larry Graham and Drake are related through Drake’s father, Dennis Graham. Dennis Graham is Larry Graham’s brother, making Larry Graham the uncle of Drake. Dennis Graham was also a musician who played drums for Jerry Lee Lewis and other artists.

According to Wikipedia, Larry Graham was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1946 to successful musicians. He started playing bass in his mother’s band when he was a teenager, and later joined Sly and the Family Stone in 1967. He stayed with the group until 1972, when he left to form his own band, Graham Central Station. He had several hits in the 1970s, such as “Hair”, “The Jam”, and “One in a Million You”. He also worked with Betty Davis, the ex-wife of Miles Davis, and Prince, who was a fan and friend of his.

Drake was born in Toronto, Canada in 1986 to Dennis Graham and Sandi Graham. His parents divorced when he was five years old, and he was raised by his mother in Toronto. He started acting in the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation when he was 15 years old, and later pursued a career in music. He released his first mixtape, Room for Improvement, in 2006, and his debut studio album, Thank Me Later, in 2010. Since then, he has released five more studio albums, three compilation albums, two EPs, and six mixtapes. Some of his most popular songs include “Best I Ever Had”, “Hotline Bling”, “God’s Plan”, “In My Feelings”, and “Toosie Slide”.

What is the relationship between Larry Graham and Drake like?

Larry Graham and Drake have a close and supportive relationship. They have performed together on stage several times, such as at the OVO Fest in Toronto in 2011 and at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California in 2013. They have also expressed their admiration and respect for each other in interviews.

In a YouTube video from 2010, Larry Graham talked about his family ties to Drake with Lenny Green. He said that he was very proud of Drake’s achievements and that he loved him very much. He also said that he gave Drake some advice on how to handle fame and success.

In an interview with GQ magazine from 2013, Drake said that Larry Graham was one of his musical influences and that he learned a lot from him. He said that Larry Graham taught him how to be humble and grateful for his opportunities. He also said that Larry Graham was a great storyteller and that he inspired him to write better lyrics.

Why is Larry Graham’s influence on Drake important?

Larry Graham’s influence on Drake is important because it shows how music can transcend generations and genres. Larry Graham is a pioneer of funk music, which is a blend of soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, and psychedelic music. Funk music has influenced many other styles of music, such as disco, hip hop, pop, rock, and electronic music.

Drake is a pioneer of rap music, which is a form of vocal delivery that incorporates rhyme, rhythm, wordplay, storytelling, and social commentary. Rap music has also influenced many other styles of music, such as R&B, pop, rock, dancehall, reggae, grime, drill, trap, and afrobeat.

Both Larry Graham and Drake have used their musical talents to create original and innovative sounds that have shaped the culture and history of music. They have also used their musical platforms to express their personal experiences, emotions, opinions, values, and identities. They have both inspired countless other musicians and fans around the world with their artistry.


Larry Graham and Drake are related by blood but also by music. They are both legends in their own right who have made significant contributions to the musical landscape. They are also both humble and respectful of each other’s work. They are an example of how music can connect people across time and space.

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