Is Kyrie Irving Related to Dr J? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving, also known as Dr J, are two of the most famous basketball players in the NBA history. Kyrie Irving is a star point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, while Julius Erving is a retired legend who played for the Virginia Squires, New York Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers. Both of them have won multiple awards and accolades for their skills and achievements on the court.

But are they related to each other by blood? This is a question that many fans have wondered about, especially since they share a similar surname and profession. The answer, however, is no. Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving are not biologically related in any way.

How the Confusion Started

The confusion about the relationship between Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving may have started because of their last names, which sound alike but are spelled differently. Kyrie’s surname is Irving, while Julius’ surname is Erving. The difference is subtle, but significant.

Another possible reason for the confusion is that Kyrie’s father, Drederick Irving, played basketball professionally in Australia and was once matched up against Dr J in an exhibition game. According to, Kyrie has spoken about how he studied the film of Dr J and looked up to him as a player.

How They Are Connected

Even though Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving are not related by blood, they do have some connections through their passion for basketball. Kyrie has said that he admires Dr J’s style and legacy, and that he considers him one of his mentors. In fact, Dr J has given Kyrie some advice on how to deal with the challenges and controversies that he has faced in his career.

According to, Dr J told TMZ that Kyrie will not lose his career over his latest controversy, which involved tweeting a link to a movie with antisemitic rhetoric and refusing to apologize. Dr J said that Kyrie is too talented and valuable to be out of the league, but he also urged him to respect the privilege and honor of being an NBA player.

The Bottom Line

Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving are two great basketball players who share a surname, a profession, and a respect for each other. However, they are not related by blood or by family. They are simply connected by their love for the game..

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