Is Kevin Hart Related to Snoop Dogg? The Truth Behind Their Hilarious Friendship


Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg are two of the most popular and successful entertainers in the world. They have both made millions of fans laugh with their comedy, music, movies, and TV shows. But are they related by blood or just by humor? Many people have wondered if the duo share a family connection, especially after seeing them host a hilarious show together during the Olympics. In this article, we will explore the truth behind their relationship and how they became such good friends.

The short answer is no, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg are not related. They do not share any common ancestors or relatives, as far as we know. Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Henry and Nancy Hart. He has one older brother named Robert. Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California, to Vernell Varnado and Beverly Broadus. He has three brothers named Bing, Jerry, and Calvin Jr.

However, just because they are not related by blood does not mean they do not have a strong bond. Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have developed a close friendship over the years, based on mutual respect, admiration, and humor.

How They Met and Became Friends

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg first met in 2004, when they both appeared in the movie Soul Plane. The film was a comedy about a black-owned airline that catered to urban passengers. Kevin Hart played the main character, Nashawn Wade, who inherited the airline from his deceased uncle. Snoop Dogg played Captain Mack, the pilot who was high on marijuana most of the time.

The movie was not a critical or commercial success, but it did help Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg form a connection. They both enjoyed working with each other and making each other laugh. They also shared similar backgrounds and experiences in the entertainment industry.

Since then, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have collaborated on several projects and events. They have appeared together on talk shows, award shows, music videos, and podcasts. They have also supported each other’s careers and personal lives.

Their Olympic Highlights Show

One of their most recent and memorable collaborations was their Olympic Highlights show on Peacock. The show featured Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg commenting on various events from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. The duo provided hilarious and unfiltered takes on everything from equestrian to synchronized swimming to basketball.

The show was a huge hit with fans and critics alike. Many people praised Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg for their chemistry, wit, and insight. They also appreciated their honesty and humor in addressing some of the challenges and controversies of the Olympics.

The show also showcased their friendship and respect for each other. Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg often complimented each other’s skills and talents. They also teased each other about their height difference, their fashion choices, and their preferences.


Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg are not related by blood, but they are related by humor. They have formed a strong friendship over the years that is based on mutual admiration, support, and fun. They have also entertained millions of people with their comedy, music, movies, and TV shows. They are truly one of the best duos in the entertainment industry.

According to TheThings, Kevin Hart has some interesting ideas on friendship. He believes that the key to success is having friends who don’t like you. He also says he’s fine with embracing what he’s got – including his height – and making it fodder for plenty of one-liners.

According to ETCanada, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg bid farewell to 2021 by sharing their hilarious reactions to viral videos in a year-end special called “2021 and Done With Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart”. The special was produced by Hart’s LOL Studios and Snoop Dogg’s Snoopadelic Films.

According to Deadspin, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have been the best part of the Olympics. The decision to create a show around the pair hilariously commenting on highlights from different events was a genius idea that should become the norm.

According to Next TV, Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg took down 2021 on Peacock with their edgy, insightful and hilarious retrospective of a year that began with so much promise, but mostly turned into a sequel of the sh*t show that was 2020.

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