Is Kenny Vaughan related to Marty Stuart? The Truth Behind the Musical Bond

Kenny Vaughan and Marty Stuart are two of the most respected and influential musicians in the country and bluegrass genres. They have been playing together for almost two decades as part of Stuart’s band, The Fabulous Superlatives. But are they related by blood or by marriage? The answer is no, they are not related in any way, except by their mutual love and passion for music.

Kenny Vaughan: A Guitar Legend

Kenny Vaughan was born in Oklahoma, but grew up in Denver, Colorado. He learned to play guitar from his neighbor and from jazz guitarist Bill Frisell. He was influenced by rock, blues, country, and bluegrass music, and developed his own distinctive style of playing. He moved to Nashville in the 1980s, where he became a sought-after session musician and a pioneer of the Lower Broadway scene. He played with artists such as Lucinda Williams, Allison Moorer, Kim Richey, McBride & the Ride, and Trent Summar & the New Row Mob. He also released a solo album called V in 2011, which showcased his versatility and talent. According to Wikipedia, he has been a member of Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives since 2002.

Marty Stuart: A Country Star

Marty Stuart was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He was fascinated by country music from an early age, and received his first guitar when he was three years old. He taught himself to play mandolin and guitar, and joined a gospel band when he was 12. He met bluegrass legend Lester Flatt when he was 13, and became a member of his band, The Nashville Grass. He toured with Flatt until his retirement in 1978, and then joined Johnny Cash’s band in 1980. He also married Cash’s daughter Cindy in 1983, but they divorced in 1988. He launched his solo career in 1985, and signed with MCA Records in 1989. He released several successful albums and singles in the early 1990s, such as Hillbilly Rock, Tempted, This One’s Gonna Hurt You, and The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’ (a duet with Travis Tritt). He won five Grammy Awards and became a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame . In 1997, he married country singer Connie Smith, whom he had admired since he was a child. According to PBS, he has been recording and touring with his band, The Fabulous Superlatives, since 2002.

The Fabulous Superlatives: A Musical Family

The Fabulous Superlatives are Marty Stuart’s backing band and musical collaborators. They consist of Kenny Vaughan on guitar, Harry Stinson on drums, and Chris Scruggs on steel guitar and bass (who replaced Paul Martin in 2015). They are known for their tight harmonies, energetic performances, and eclectic repertoire that spans from traditional country and bluegrass to rockabilly and gospel. They have recorded several albums with Stuart, such as Country Music , Souls’ Chapel , Badlands , Live at the Ryman , Ghost Train , Nashville Vol. 1 , Saturday Night / Sunday Morning , Way Out West , and The Pilgrim . They also host their own television show on RFD-TV called The Marty Stuart Show , which features classic country songs and guests. According to IMDB, the show has been running since 2008.

Kenny Vaughan and Marty Stuart are not related by blood or by marriage, but they are related by their musical bond. They share a deep respect and admiration for each other’s talents and personalities. They have been playing together for almost two decades, creating some of the most authentic and original music in the country genre. They are not only bandmates, but also friends and brothers in spirit. As Stuart said in an interview with Biography, “Kenny Vaughan is my best friend in the world.”

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